Do Home Warranties Cover Furnace Replacement? Good To Know

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a type of service contract that covers the cost of repairing and replacing home systems and appliances. Coverage can range from basic to comprehensive, with various options for systems or combo plans. A home warranty is not the same as a home insurance; it focuses on the house’s elements’ functioning. It’s essential to read the small print before signing up with a warranty provider, as each company has its own terms, exceptions, and coverage limits. Some even provide free roof leak coverage or add a grace period before the plan begins.

Do Home Warranties Cover Furnace Replacement

Homeowners have a broad selection of home warranty companies to choose from, like American Home Shield (AHS), First American Home Warranty, Liberty Home Guard, Choice Home Warranty, Pinnacle Home Warranty, Select Home Warranty, and many more. Most firms offer month-to-month plans with small fees for every service call. Costs vary based on the level of coverage and repair time. Some providers also offer HVAC system plans or combo plans that include kitchen appliances.

It’s important to note that home warranties don’t cover existing conditions or normal wear and tear. Usually, they focus on abrupt breakdowns or malfunctions caused by age or lack of maintenance. Each provider has a waiting period before the policy becomes effective; understanding this timeline is critical when choosing a plan. Customers usually pay an annual premium with an additional service fee between $50-$125 for every visit by a service technician.

Before selecting a home warranty provider, research customer reviews and ratings to ensure you trust their repair services should any problems arise with your heating system components. 

Keep your heating system covered with the perfect home warranty plan – because shivering in the cold is not a fun way to spend winter.

Home Warranties for Heating Systems

In the realm of home warranties, heating systems are an essential coverage element. A comprehensive home warranty plan covers heating systems, offering protection against the high cost of repairs and replacements. Here is a breakdown of the coverage for Heating Systems with some of the best home warranty companies:

CompanyCoverageService FeeMonthly Premium
American Home ShieldHeating system coverage, all components, normal wear, and tear$75-$125$35.99-$54.99
Choice Home WarrantyHeating system coverage, all components, normal wear, and tear$60-$85$36-$44
Select Home WarrantyHeating system coverage, all components, normal wear, and tear$60-$75$35-$40

It’s important to note that while these plans cover normal wear and tear, they may not cover existing conditions. The fine print of each policy outlines the coverage limits, waiting period, and exclusions.

In addition, First American Home Warranty offers three months free with one-year coverage for all heating system plans, Pinnacle Home offers free roof leak coverage in addition to their basic plan, and Liberty Home Guard has a grace period of 30 days for new customers.

Forbes Home states that most HVAC systems have a lifespan of 10-15 years, making a home warranty a valuable investment for homeowners. With a small service fee and the ability to call a service contractor when issues arise, home warranty policies provide peace of mind and value for homeowners. One true fact is that Simply Kitchen reported that 82% of customers place trust in their home warranty provider, demonstrating the importance of home warranties for homeowners.

Do home warranties cover furnace replacement? Let’s talk coverage limits for this not-so-hot topic.

Coverage Limits for Furnace Repairs/Replacement

As a homeowner, you need to know the coverage limits for furnace repairs/replacements covered by home warranties. These limits vary according to the type of contract. Check the table below to see the limited coverage contracts offered by home warranty companies.

Home Warranty CompanyCoverage Limit
American Home Shield$1,500 per item per contract
Choice Home WarrantyUp to $1,500 per contract
Select Home WarrantyUp to $10,000 annually

These companies may offer bonus services like free heating system tune-up or duct cleaning when you sign up. Coverage for your heating system can bring peace of mind during winter months. 

So, don’t miss out on a reliable and trustworthy protection plan this season! But, sadly, it won’t protect you from in-laws’ bad taste in home decor.

Exclusions and Limitations of Home Warranty Plans

Exclusions and limitations are a must to consider when selecting a home warranty plan. These plans aim to provide financial coverage for unexpected appliance and system breakdowns, but it’s essential to read the fine print. Most plans exclude pre-existing conditions, cosmetic damage, and inadequate maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at what’s not covered.

CategoryExcluded Items
ElectricalLight fixtures, dimmer switches, overloaded circuits
PlumbingFaucets, clogs, and stoppages (caused by improper usage)
Heating SystemFilters, blower assemblies, ductwork leakages
Cooling SystemFreon leaks due to punctures or improper usage
AppliancesPre-existing issues and cosmetic damages

Moreover, some companies have a waiting period before they start providing coverage. It’s important to plan ahead in case repairs or replacements are needed during this time. Not understanding these exclusions and limitations could lead to trouble. Homeowners should take their time when selecting their home warranty service provider and read the terms before signing.

Don’t miss out! As a homeowner, make sure to read up on potential pitfalls that could affect your peace of mind; otherwise, expensive surprises may come knocking! Keep your wallet warm with these top home warranty companies for furnace coverage.

Top Home Warranty Companies for Furnace Coverage

Top Home Warranty Companies for Furnace Coverage provide comprehensive coverage for heating systems and their components. These companies offer a variety of coverage plans and options with different coverage limits and service fees to meet homeowners’ needs.

The following table shows the coverage plans, coverage limits, and service fees for top home warranty companies for furnace coverage:

Home Warranty CompanyCoverage PlanCoverage LimitService Fee
American Home ShieldCombo Plan$3,000$75-$125
Choice Home WarrantyTotal PlanUnlimited$60-$85
First American Home WarrantyPremier Plan$3,500$75-$100
Liberty Home GuardStandard Plan$1,500$75
Pinnacle Home WarrantyBasic Plan$1,500$100
Select Home WarrantyGold Plan$2,000$60-$75
Simply KitchenComplete Home WarrantyUnlimited$60
The Home Service ClubStandard Coverage$2,000$65-$125

In addition to furnace coverage, these top home warranty companies also offer coverage for kitchen appliances, HVAC systems, and roof leak coverage. They have a long history of providing quality service to their customers with a wide range of service providers and grace periods.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of having a home warranty policy that covers furnace replacement and repairs. Choose the right home warranty company that suits your needs and budget. Protect your home system and appliances from unexpected issues and costly repairs. Contact one of these top home warranty companies today and enjoy up to 2 months of free coverage with some policies.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of American Home Shield, because let’s face it, every home warranty has a catch.

American Home Shield: Pros and Cons

American Home Shield has both pros and cons. Let’s see what they are!


  • Plans are customizable for different budgets.
  • AHS has an extensive network of licensed contractors and service providers.
  • Their claims process is quick and hassle-free.


  • Limited coverage is reported by some customers.
  • AHS holds the right to deny coverage, which may cause customer dissatisfaction.
  • Delayed service appointments have been reported.

Furthermore, AHS has a low rating on consumer review websites. To improve this, they need to have better customer support.

Before signing up for an AHS plan, make sure to research prices thoroughly. Set realistic expectations about what is and isn’t covered. Additionally, maintain your home regularly to maximize the warranty benefits.

Protect your wallet from furnace breakdowns with Liberty Home Guard’s cost-efficient coverage options!

Liberty Home Guard: Coverage Options and Costs

Liberty Home Guard offers various coverage options for customers seeking furnace protection. Here’s a look at the options and costs:

Coverage OptionsCosts
Furnace Coverage$44.99 – $54.99/month
Combo Plan – Furnace, AC, and More$69.99 – $89.99/month
Total Plan – Comprehensive Coverage for Major Systems and Appliances$94.99 – $114.99/month

You can also get add-ons like pool/spa, well pump, septic system, and roof leaks with extra monthly payments. Plus, Liberty Home Guard has 24/7 customer service and online claims processing for your convenience.

Before getting any warranty plan, read the contract’s terms and conditions carefully to check if it meets your needs.

Stay safe and protected with Liberty Home Guard’s tailored furnace plans! Get peace of mind knowing your heating system is safe from any expenses.

Choice Home Warranty: Variety of Plan Options

First American Home Warranty offers furnace protection plans with lots of features. Three coverage options, Basic Plan, Total Plan, and Optional Coverage Add-Ons, let you pick the plan that fits your needs and budget. The Total Plan covers more systems and appliances and offers up to $3,500 for repairs or replacements. And, no deductibles! Plus, in the first 30 days, First American covers any defects due to a lack of maintenance.

For whole-home coverage plus appliance-specific ones, go for the Total Plan. Basic warranty or add-on optional coverages work for those who already have appliance upgrades. With First American Home Warranty, you get reliable protection for your furnace and peace of mind.

First American Home Warranty: Wide Range of Add-Ons

First American Home Warranty is one of the best companies for furnace coverage. They have various add-ons that can be incorporated into the basic plan. For instance, ovens, refrigerators, and ceiling fans. Plus, they provide coverage for air conditioning units, plumbing systems, and water heaters. And, customers can even opt for extra protection plans like electrical wiring or central vacuum systems.

Moreover, First American Home Warranty offers great customer service and a convenient claims process. This gives buyers peace of mind, knowing they’re covered against potential repair expenses or replacement fees.

Before buying any add-on, check what is already included in your plan to avoid redundant coverage. Additionally, Select Home Warranty has been around for a long time and probably covered furnaces from the Stone Age.

Select Home Warranty: Comprehensive Coverage and Long History

Select Home Warranty provides total coverage for furnace difficulties and has been in the market for a long time. Here’s a table of their coverage options and special details.

ComprehensiveRepairs, replacements, and maintenance
24/7 SupportEmergency services are available at all times
CustomizableExtra coverage can be added

Also, Select Home Warranty offers unlimited callouts without a service fee. This implies customers don’t need to pay extra for any repairs or replacements they ask for. Moreover, their customer service and claims processes have been commended.

ConsumerAffairs states that Select Home Warranty is ranked #2 out of 68 home warranty companies based on customer satisfaction ratings. 

And, for those who don’t mind waiting, there are no service fees!

Understanding the Fine Print: Service Fees and Waiting Periods

Check the fine print for service fees and waiting periods when you look at home warranty plans. Usually, a small service fee is paid when a technician is requested. Waiting periods depend on the provider and plan, ranging from days to weeks. Knowing this can help you decide which plan gives the most value.  

Pick a provider with shorter waiting periods and lower service fees for the best value. Get the right plan and save money and hassle in the long run!

Making the Best Choice for Your Home System

Picking the right coverage plan for your home system can be hard. With so many options, it’s essential to review each provider and their plans before making a decision. To make this simpler, we created a table with the top home warranty companies. It includes info on plan options, pricing, service fees, coverage limits, and more. Look at it:

CompanyPlan OptionsPricingService FeesAvailabilityCoverage Limits
American Home Shield (AHS)Combo Plan, Systems Plan, Appliances PlanStarts at $45/month$75-$125 per service callNationwide except for CA and NY statesFrom $1,000 up to unlimited per covered item/year
Choice Home WarrantyTotal Plan, Basic Plan, Platinum PlanStarts at $43/month$60-$85 per service call$60-$85 per service call except for roof leak coverage which is free first 3 months on annual billing plans only.From $500-$3,000 per covered item/year
Select Home WarrantyPlatinum Care Plan, Gold Care Plan, and Bronze Care PlanStart at $36/month$75 per service call Nationwide except for CA; Select states have waiting period restrictions of 30-90 days.From $1k up to unlimited per covered item/year
First American Home Warranty (FAHW)Standard Plan, Premier Plan, Optional Built-in Systems & Appliances Coverage Add-onPricing varies from state by state. Starts at $28/month $75 per service callNationwide except in AlaskaFrom $500-$3000 per covered item/year with an optional limit upgrade up to $5k.

Now that we’ve seen the plans, it’s important to note that coverage plans vary. Some only cover certain elements, while others provide more coverage. Read the fine print and know what is covered under your plan.

 When selecting a provider, consider cost, availability, exclusions, waiting period, and repair service quality. Compare plans from several providers to find the best one for you and your home system.


A home warranty is a type of service contract that covers the cost of repairing and replacing home systems and appliances. A comprehensive home warranty plan covers heating systems, offering protection against the high cost of repairs and replacements. Exclusions and limitations are a must to consider when selecting a home warranty plan. First American Home Warranty offers furnace protection plans with lots of features. Check the fine print for service fees and waiting periods when you look at home warranty plans. When selecting a provider, consider cost, availability, exclusions, waiting period, and repair service quality.