Does a 5 Brick Propane Wall Heater Heat More Area?

A 5 brick propane wall heater can heat a larger area compared to smaller units due to its higher BTU output. The number of bricks in a propane wall heater does not necessarily determine the heating area, but rather the BTU output of the heater. For instance, a 5 brick propane wall heater with a 30,000 BTU output can heat a room up to 1250 sq. feet.

Understanding BTU Output and Heating Capacity

The BTU (British Thermal Unit) output of a propane wall heater is the primary factor that determines the heating capacity and the area it can effectively heat. A higher BTU output means the heater can generate more heat and warm a larger space.

BTU Output Heating Capacity
20,000 BTU 500-800 sq. feet
30,000 BTU 800-1250 sq. feet
40,000 BTU 1250-1500 sq. feet
45,000 BTU 1500-2000 sq. feet

As the table shows, a 5 brick propane wall heater with a 30,000 BTU output can heat an area up to 1250 sq. feet, which is significantly larger than the heating capacity of smaller units with lower BTU outputs.

Infrared vs. Blue Flame Heaters

does a 5 brick propane wall heater heat more area

When comparing blue flame and infrared propane wall heaters, both can put out the same amount of heat, but the infrared type projects the heat more efficiently, while the blue flame type tends to heat the air more.

Infrared heaters are known to provide more comfortable and even heating, as they heat objects directly, rather than just heating the air. This means the heat is distributed more evenly throughout the space, creating a more comfortable and efficient heating experience.

Choosing the Right Heater Size

To ensure the propane wall heater you choose can effectively heat the desired space, it’s essential to consider the heating requirements of the area. For example, for a 24′ x 30′ deep garage with the following characteristics:

  • Two wooden garage doors
  • Block/brick walls
  • Fiberboard ceiling
  • Fiberglass insulation in the attic

A vented or ventless heater with a BTU input of 45,000 for a vented heater or 30,000 for a non-vented heater would be suitable.

Proper Installation and Maintenance

Regardless of the size or type of propane wall heater, proper installation and maintenance are crucial for ensuring safety and efficiency. This includes:

  • Ensuring the heater is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Regularly cleaning and servicing the heater to maintain optimal performance
  • Checking for any signs of wear or damage and addressing them promptly
  • Ensuring proper ventilation and airflow to prevent carbon monoxide buildup

By following these guidelines and choosing a 5 brick propane wall heater with the appropriate BTU output for your space, you can enjoy efficient and effective heating for your home or workspace.