The Definitive Guide: How Far to Open a 20lb Propane Tank for a Mr. Buddy Heater

When it comes to using a Mr. Buddy Heater with a 20lb propane tank, it’s crucial to understand the proper way to connect and operate the system for maximum safety and efficiency. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the technical details and step-by-step instructions to ensure your Mr. Buddy Heater setup is done right.

Connecting the Mr. Buddy Heater to a 20lb Propane Tank

To connect a Mr. Buddy Heater to a 20lb propane tank, you’ll need the following items:

  1. Mr. Buddy Heater
  2. Propane hose (with a regulator)
  3. Propane tank filter

Propane Hose Selection

The propane hose you choose should be specifically designed for use with Mr. Buddy Heaters. These hoses typically have a length of 12-24 inches and are equipped with a regulator to control the gas flow. One recommended option is the Mr. Heater F273699 Propane Hose Assembly, which can be found on Amazon.

Propane Tank Filter

Using a propane tank filter is highly recommended to prevent debris and contaminants from entering the heater and causing damage or safety issues. The Mr. Heater F273702 Filter is a popular choice that can be purchased on Amazon.

Removing the Rubber Protector

Before connecting the hose to the propane tank, it’s essential to remove the rubber protector from the filter. This will ensure proper gas flow and prevent any blockages.

Checking for Leaks

how far to open 20lb propane tank for buddy heater

Once the hose and filter are connected, it’s crucial to check for any gas leaks. You can do this by using a soapy water solution or foaming hand soap and applying it to the connections. Look for any bubbles forming, which would indicate a leak.

Fully Open the Propane Tank Valve

When operating the Mr. Buddy Heater with a 20lb propane tank, it’s important to ensure that the tank valve is fully open. This will allow the maximum gas flow to the heater, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Propane Regulator Considerations

While not strictly necessary, some DIY enthusiasts may choose to use a propane regulator in addition to the built-in regulator on the hose. This can provide an extra layer of control over the gas flow and pressure, which can be beneficial for fine-tuning the heater’s performance and ensuring safe operation.

Propane Tank Capacity and Runtime

A 20lb propane tank can provide a runtime of approximately 5-10 hours for a Mr. Buddy Heater, depending on the model and heat output setting. It’s important to monitor the tank’s fuel level and be prepared to replace it when necessary.

Safety Precautions

Mr. Heater provides a warning label stating that refillable propane cylinders should not be brought indoors due to the risk of fire or explosion. However, many users have successfully used the Mr. Buddy Heater indoors with a 20lb propane tank by following proper safety precautions, such as:

  • Ensuring adequate ventilation
  • Keeping the heater a safe distance from flammable materials
  • Regularly inspecting the hose and connections for any signs of wear or damage
  • Turning off the heater and allowing it to cool before moving or storing it

By following these guidelines and taking the necessary safety measures, you can safely and effectively use a Mr. Buddy Heater with a 20lb propane tank.


In summary, to connect a Mr. Buddy Heater to a 20lb propane tank, you’ll need a compatible hose, a propane tank filter, and the heater itself. It’s crucial to fully open the tank valve, check for leaks, and consider using a propane regulator for added control. By adhering to the safety precautions and following the steps outlined in this guide, you can enjoy the warmth and convenience of your Mr. Buddy Heater while ensuring a safe and efficient operation.

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