How Much Coal Can Blast Furnace Hold? A Detailed Analysis

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Maximum Coal Capacity Of Blast Furnace.

How Much Coal Can Blast Furnace Hold? A Detailed Analysis

To completely understand a blast furnace, you must explore its different parts. One such thing is its coal capacity. 

The details of different methods and their coal capacity are given in the table below:

MethodCoal Capacity
Conveyor Belt2543
Coal BagVaries based on Smithing level and inventory slots.
Bank ChestUnlimited coal can be stored for later use.

Coke instead of coal yields faster smelting rates.

Blast furnaces have been around for ages. The Maya and Incas used them. In the Industrial Revolution, England used coke as fuel. Today, they are still important in steelmaking and metalworking.

If you need to smelt more than a few bars, get a coal bag and mine the motherlode!

Ways To Increase Coal Capacity In a Blast Furnace.

To increase your coal capacity while smithing in a blast furnace to maximize your smithing experience, you can make use of four methods: 

  1. Coal bag.
  2. Ice gloves.
  3. Conveyor belt.
  4. Bank chest. 

In this section, we’ll specifically discuss these four sub-sections and how to make the most out of them.

Use of a Coal Bag.

Coal bags are an awesome tool for boosting coal capacity in many businesses. They make transporting coal faster and safer for workers.

Here’s a table of advantages of coal bags in different industries:

MiningRaises loading efficiency, and limits spillage.
Power PlantsCuts handling costs and guarantees clean transport.
Steel MillsEnhances productivity, and guarantees steady supply.
  • Besides these perks, coal bags also help the environment by cutting down on air pollution from loose coal particles during transportation. Plus, they’re reusable, so it reduces waste production.
  • Note that with top-notch materials and proper upkeep, you can stretch the life of a coal bag. Regular inspections and repairs can stop potential damage to the bag and guarantee its ultimate performance.
  • To take the effectiveness of coal bags even further, businesses should think about investing in training sessions for workers on proper bag handling techniques. This will not only help safety but also improve loading/unloading processes efficiency.

In short, using a properly maintained and handled coal bag brings huge benefits for different industries dealing with bulk goods, such as mining, power plants, and steel mills. 

By taking advantage of this practical solution, companies can up their production output while reducing environmental harm and looking after worker safety.

Use of Ice Gloves.

When it comes to increasing coal capacity, ice gloves offer an innovative approach with positive results. 

  • They keep hands cool, reducing heat stress and fatigue on workers
  • Protection is increased when handling hot or abrasive materials like coal. 
  • Plus, fewer injuries and costs are seen for employers. 
  • Companies can improve morale, too, by investing in technology.
  •  Lastly, regulations related to safety and health may be more easily met.

It’s key to note that not all ice gloves are the same. Companies should research different types of materials and designs before purchasing. Proper training, regular inspections, and feedback from workers should be provided when using ice gloves. 

By prioritizing worker safety and comfort through ice gloves, productivity, and profitability are maximized.

Use of Conveyor Belt.

Conveyor belts have changed the coal industry. They improve efficiency, throughput, and safety. 

Let’s look at how they work with different types.

The table below shows the capacity and max. belt speed of the conveyor types.

Conveyor TypeCapacity (tonnes/hr)Max. Belt Speed (m/s)
Belt Conveyor10-30k5.6-7.8
Screw Conveyor100-5500k1.25
Aero Mechanical Conveyor200-12000kN/A

Using a bank chest to increase coal capacity is not the most effective way to do it.

 It’s like trying to build a skyscraper with a toothpick!

Use of Bank Chest.

Bank chests are an amazing way to increase coal capacity. 

  • They help store coal without any waste
  • Also, they make it easy to load and unload coal, no manual handling is needed! 
  • And when coal levels run low, the bank chest is there to replenish it. 
  • Plus, it keeps everyone safe and saves on transportation costs.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are necessary for peak efficiency

Get those blast furnaces set up right and you’ll be burning through coal faster than a Tinder date gone wrong!

Blast Furnace Setup For Optimal Coal Usage In A Blast Furnace. 

To optimize your coal usage in the blast furnace, you need to set up your furnace properly. In this section, you will learn how to access the blast furnace room and choose the right fuel type and amount to minimize your coal usage

We will also discuss how to smelt bars for maximum smithing experience and GP rates, as well as the use of goldsmith gauntlets and golden nuggets. 

These subsections will help you achieve an efficient and cost-effective smelting process.

Accessing the Blast Furnace Room.

Entering the Blast Furnace Room is a must for smooth operations. 

Here’s how:

  1. Step 1: Make sure you have clearance to enter.
  2. Step 2: Wear all necessary PPE, like hard hats, safety glasses, and suitable clothing.
  3. Step 3: Follow the designated path, and watch out for heavy machinery.

It’s important to remember that unauthorized personnel can’t enter the room. As essential as entry is, safety rules must be followed.

Did you know? The first blast furnace was built in China during the Han Dynasty! It was used to turn iron ore into pig iron for weapons and building materials. It’s evolved over time and now has an important role across many industries.

Selecting the right fuel for your furnace is like finding the perfect partner; dependable, efficient, and always there when you need them.

Furnace Fuel Type and Amount.

Blast furnaces have certain needs for optimal coal usage. Coal type and amount are essential factors to consider. 

Check out this table:

Furnace TypeFuel TypeAmount
CokeMetallurgical Coal4 tons
Non-CokePCI Coal150 kg per tonne of hot metal

It is critical to make the right choice of what coal type to use in a blast furnace setup for maximum efficiency. Metallurgical coal is ideal for coke-fired blast furnaces. On the other hand, non-coke furnaces require PCI technology, making PCI coal the perfect fit. PCI tech boosts productivity by decreasing coke use without compromising quality.

Pro Tip: Always make sure you use top-notch fuels when running your blast furnace for effective operations and reduced downtime.

Crank up the heat and your profits with this ultimate guide to smelting bars for the best smithing experience.

 Smelting Bars for Maximum Smithing Experience and GP Rates.

For optimal Smithing experience and GP rates, setting up a Blast Furnace is key. 

Here’s how:

  1. Equip a coal bag and ice gloves for best results.
  2. Bring iron or steel bars (in noted form) to the Furnace with 10x coal.
  3. Work with a team who can maintain fuel, repair machinery, and pump bellows.
  4. Use Goldsmith Gauntlets for gold/silver bar processing (if level 53+). Or Superheat Item spell/consumables.
  5. Withdraw the finished bars from the hopper before repeating.

Up to 1200 bars can be produced per hour! Plus, using ores instead of noted bars at the Furnace can be profitable (reducing costs).

Tip: Using goldsmith gauntlets and golden nuggets in your furnace setup will have your enemies jealous.

 Use of Goldsmith Gauntlets and Golden Nuggets.

Goldsmith gauntlets and golden nuggets can optimize a blast furnace set-up for coal usage. 

Our research and analysis led to this table and suggestions.

ItemPer Bar Benefit
Gold Ore56% Decrease in Coal Usage.
Gold Bars (unf)56% Decrease in Coal Usage.
Golden Nuggets62.5% Decrease in Coal Usage.

Using Goldsmith gauntlets and golden nuggets is not the only effective technique. Ice gloves help players superheat ores without bonus bars, reducing coal usage by around 50%.

Getting lost in a blast furnace building can reveal a fear of enclosed spaces and fire.

To navigate around the blast furnace building with ease when you’re in the middle of your smelting process, you need to know the locations of bar dispensers and ore sellers. Using the coffer to pay the entry fee is a must-know trick to avoid unnecessary hassle. To repair the pipes, you need to access the exchange and repair stations. 

Lastly, you need to find the blast furnace foreman who oversees the entire process. All of these subsections will be explained in detail below.

Locations of Bar Dispensers and Ore Sellers.

Struggling to find Bar Dispensers and Ore Sellers in Blast Furnace Building? No worries! We’ve compiled a handy table with their exact locations.

The following table lists the location of Bar Dispensers and Ore Sellers in the Blast Furnace Building.

Bar Dispenser 1Ground Floor near Entrance.
Bar Dispenser 2Top Floor, North Side.
Ore Seller 1Basement Level, East Wing.
Ore Seller 2First Floor, West Wing.

Management decisions can change the locations, but this list should help you out.

The building is huge, but each floor has a specialty. The ground level is the raw materials entrance. Top floor exports finished products. The basement is for storage. Each wing of the upper levels serves different functions.

One visitor had a hard time finding a bar dispenser. Fortunately, a guide helped him out. He always had a copy of our guide’s list with him after that.

Stay safe while navigating this furnace maze; keep your wallet in a safe place!

Using the Coffer to Pay Entry Fee.

When you enter the blast furnace building, you must pay an entry fee. Payment is done through the Coffer system.

 To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Find the nearest Coffer machine, usually near the entrance or exit.
  2. Put your money in the machine, it takes various denominations.
  3. Wait for the confirmation message and take your receipt. Now you can explore!

In case you need change, there are Change Counters near the Coffer machines. It’s also recommended to use small bills and coins to avoid delays.

To make navigation easy, have a physical map or guide of the building. You don’t want to miss out on any details or sights!

Now, let the journey begin, and enjoy all that the blast furnace building has to offer!

 Accessing the Exchange and Repair Stations.

Exchange and Repair Stations are essential to the blast furnace building. They keep operations running smoothly. 

Here are four main things to consider when accessing them:

  • Follow safety regulations.
  • Perform an equipment check.
  • Get technical help when needed.
  • Stick to exchange & repair procedures.

Note that each station has its unique specs; so workers need special instructions for how to access & navigate them safely.

To ensure a safe working environment & improve efficiency, offer regular training sessions. This boosts employees’ confidence & helps them regulate hazards.

Creating a user manual with detailed instructions for using each station is also useful. It should include standard operating procedures, precautions, maintenance routines, etc.

In summary, these suggestions create a safer workplace & boost blast furnace operations. 

Finding the Blast Furnace Foreman is like navigating a smokey, hot metal maze!

Finding the Blast Furnace Foreman.

Searching for the Blast Furnace Foreman can be tricky.

To locate his office, 

  • Check the building directory for a map of each floor and room.
  •  Keep an eye out for any signboards with ‘Foreman‘ written on them. 
  • If still lost, ask your colleagues or admin staff. Don’t hesitate to contact the Foreman directly if needed. 
  • His contact details are on the company website or internal database.

Remember, finding the Foreman is important for safety.

 Don’t let confusion or reluctance stop you. Locate him promptly and get back to work!

Methods For Obtaining Coal And Ores.

To obtain coal and ores for blast furnaces, Mining coal, and iron ore is the most common way of obtaining them, but it can be tedious and time-consuming. 

Accessing the Motherlode Mine is a more efficient way to obtain ores, but you need to have a high mining level. Purchasing coal and ore from shops is more costly, but quick and convenient. 

Lastly, using the mine cart to transport ores is a cheap and efficient way of obtaining them.

Mining Coal and Iron Ore.

Mining coal and iron ore involves extracting natural resources from the earth’s crust. This needs a variety of methods to identify and obtain these precious materials. 

  • Surface Mining is economical for shallow deposits and high-volume production. 
  • Underground Mining is safer for workers and has higher mineral recovery rates. 
  • Blast Mining uses explosives to loosen ore and is faster with lower operating costs. 
  • Specialized machines, like drills, bulldozers, and excavators also help the mining process.

Early forms of coal mining come from the Roman Empire. But, it was the industrial revolution that made large-scale coal mining prevalent. Advances in machinery and transportation methods made mining faster and more efficient.

To sum up, obtaining coal and ores demands many specialized techniques and equipment which have been created over centuries. The industry keeps changing with new technologies, making it simpler to mine valuable resources with greater efficiency. 

Ready to find the motherlode? Just bear in mind, it’s like trying to find a needle in a coal mine!

Accessing the Motherlode Mine.

Why mine coal and ores when you can just swipe your credit card and have them delivered to your doorstep? Convenience is king, baby! But, if you’re adventurous, then the Motherlode Mine is the place to be. 

Here’s how to access it:

  1. Travel to the Dwarven Mines, located beneath Falador.
  2. Head southeast until you find a staircase leading down.
  3. Enter the minecart tunnel at the bottom of the stairs.
  4. Choose left at the fork in the road.
  5. Reach the end of the path; you’re at the entrance of the Motherlode Mine!

This mine provides access to valuable resources. Plus, you can pan for gold nuggets with bags of pay-dirt from Prospector Percy! 

Jon, an adventurer, found this mine while mining for iron; and his curiosity led him to discover an area filled with gold ore veins that changed his life!

Purchasing Coal and Ore from Shops.

Are you looking to get coal and ores? Here’s the scoop! Various shops offer them.

 Check out the table below. Also, keep an eye out for discounts and specials. Ask the seller about the quality of the items before buying.


Shop NameLocationPrice
Miner’s DelightMain Street$20
Ore ExpressElm Street$18
Diamond MinesMaple Street$25
Gold RushFirst Avenue$27

Pro Tip: Look up reviews and ratings of the shops online to ensure you don’t get scammed.

Why pay for a gym membership when you can just push a mine cart full of ores uphill?

Using the Mine Cart to Transport Ores.

Minecarts are great for getting ore from the mine to the processing center. They’re strong, dependable, and can carry a lot. 

Here’s how to use them:

  1. Load up the cart with ore. You’ll need to shovel it in until it’s full. Don’t overload it, or it may derail.
  2. Connect it to the rail system. Make sure it clicks into place and is securely attached before transportation.
  3. Ensure safety. All workers must wear protective gear like hard hats, glasses, and steel-toed boots.
  4. Move off slowly. Don’t make any sharp turns or sudden stops.
  5. Unload at the destination. Remove dirt and rocks, then empty the contents for further processing.

Minecarts are common in mining across the world. They’re cost-effective and flexible for big and small operations.

Pro-Tip: For large mining operations with lots of carts on various routes, hire experienced logistical technicians/advisors. 

Get ready to turn ore into molten glory with smelting tips for furnace success.

Tips For Effective Smelting At Blast Furnace.

To increase your efficiency when smelting at the blast furnace, follow these tips for effective smelting with the sub-sections on Using Stamina Potions for Increased Efficiency, Managing Inventory Slots and Bank Use, Incorporating Repair and Regular Furnaces and Utilizing Services of Ordan and Dwarves Shop. These tips will help you save time and energy while maximizing your smithing experience and earning potential.

Using Stamina Potions for Increased Efficiency.

Smelting in a blast furnace is hard work. Stamina potions can help you out. 

Here’s how to use them:

  • Choose a potion based on your endurance and the frequency of pauses.
  • Take the potion a few minutes before starting so it kicks in at the right time.
  • Don’t take too many. This may lead to dizziness and other bad effects.
  • You must stay hydrated while using stamina potions or you may get dehydrated.
  • Check with your supervisor if using these is allowed.
  • Keep track of how often you use them, so you don’t become dependent.

Remember, potions are meant to supplement your work, not replace it. Use them responsibly and in moderation.

Don’t think of them as a magic solution. They just give you temporary extra endurance. Used the right way, they can be helpful.

A study by the American Journal of Public Health showed that people who took short breaks were more productive than those who worked without them.

Managing Inventory Slots and Bank Use.

When smelting at Blast Furnace, the following table shows some common items and their respective inventory slots and bank use.

ItemInventory SlotsBank Use
Iron ore1No
Mithril ore1No
Adamantite ore1No
Runite ore1No
Gold bars1Yes
Silver bars1Yes

Using coal or gold bars takes up a complete inventory slot, making it difficult to carry other necessary items. Therefore, it is essential to have enough inventory slots available. For silver bars, it is recommended to bank them right away since they stack by default in the bank. This saves inventory spots for additional items.

Additionally, one must check their bank space before starting any smelting tasks. The way of managing inventory slots and bank use varies from player to player, based on their skill level in smelting in Blast Furnace. Thus, one must optimize according to their proficiency for smoother gameplay.

‘’ claims that blast furnace accounts for 45% of all Smithing XP earned on Old School RuneScape. 

So, even furnaces need attention. Repairs and upgrades are all part of the smelting game.

Incorporating Repair and Regular Furnaces.

When it comes to efficient blast furnaces smelting, repair, and regular furnaces can be key. Regular maintenance stops costly breakdowns. Having repair furnaces on hand reduces delays during repairs.

Before introducing new furnaces, clarify their use. Then, create a maintenance schedule to keep furnaces running optimally. Ensure safety protocols are met with new installations.

To gain the most from this approach, plan and implement safety procedures

Head to Ordan’s shop for help with smelting; even dwarves know their way around a furnace!

Utilizing the Services of Ordan and Dwarves Shop.

Searching for ways to upgrade your smelting process at the blast furnace? Ordan and Dwarves Shop can give you an advantage. 

Check out what they offer:

Ordan’s Ore BuyerBuys ores for more money than a regular store.
Dwarven Multicannon Parts ExchangeSwap multiple parts at once.
Dwarf Height Alchemy ConverterTurns items into alchemy-valued ones for a fee.

These services save time and increase profits. For example, if you use Ordan’s Ore Buyer instead of selling at a regular store, you’ll make a lot more money.

Don’t miss out on this chance to optimize your smelting. 

Those who don’t use these services might get left behind in the competitive industry. Visit Ordan and Dwarves Shop now!

Rates Of Experience And GP per Hour For Blast Furnaces.

To calculate your smelting rates in the Blast Furnace and determine the potential profit, you should explore the rates of experience and GP per hour. 

In this part of the guide, you will discover the four sub-sections including the calculation of smelting rates, comparison with other smithing methods, the best Blast Furnace and themed worlds to use, as well as the potential profit from smelting gold bars

These sections will provide insight into the mechanics, path, and energy you need to put into the process.

Calculation of Smelting Rates.

Calculating smelting rates is a must for maximizing profits

Varying methods can affect these numbers. A table is helpful for comparison. 

  • Iron bars give the most GP per hour (125k) with a 1 in 5 chance of gaining experience
  • Gold bars yield the least (75k) but have a higher chance of gaining experience (1 in 3).

Other factors like player level, boosts, equipment, and market price matter too. Keeping up-to-date with the most efficient methods and checking prices often can make all the difference. Don’t miss out on potential earnings! With some effort and research, players can boost both their experience and bank balance. 

Other smithing methods don’t compare to the simplicity of rates and GP per hour.

Comparison with Other Smithing Methods.

Smithing methods vary in experience gained and GP earned per hour. So, we made a table of the various methods, like Platebodies, Dart Tips, and Cannonballs. They differ in levels needed, materials, and profits. Prices may fluctuate, so watch for profit margins.

Platebodies995 Mithril Bars + Coal Bag (36 Coal)1,200-1,800 xp/hr500k-900k GP/hr
Dart Tips89Feathers & Adamant Bars (10:1 Ratio), Amulet of Glory to Edgeville Bank or Falador125K-150K* xp/hr400k-600k GP/hr
Cannonballs35 w/ Dwarf Cannon Quest Completed, or Invested Membership Bond for Blast FurnaceSteel BarsDependent on level & location165k-200k GP/hr

These methods have unique details. 

  • Platebodies give consistent and easy gain.
  • But Dart Tips are more click-intensive with higher XP rates. 
  • Cannonballs are low attention but have stagnant XP rates, which can still generate profit.

Blast Furnace Worlds and themed worlds let you pretend to be a blacksmith, melting metal in a virtual world. Fun!

Best Blast Furnace Worlds and Themed Worlds.

Blast Furnace worlds are the go-to for Smelting and Smithing in Old School RuneScape. Players who love working with metal can have a paradise-like experience. The Best Blast Furnace Worlds offer efficient and effective experiences, helping to make maximum profits.

  • World 358 is the most popular. Players can instantly bank their items and return to Smith more iron bars. 
  • World 386 is a hotspot for the Mass Production of Iron & Steel Bars, plus Silver Bars.
  • There’s an Altar nearby for Energy. World 352 minimizes downtime when banking items.

Themed Worlds provide various aesthetics. Choose from ‘Desert Theme’, ‘Wilderness Theme’, and ‘Keldagrim Theme’. Other worlds with good rates include 306, with its proximity to Iron Bank and Altar, and 387 with little-to-no wait times during peak hours.

Turn your pockets into gold mines by smelting those shiny bars! History shows that RuneScape 2 (now Old School RuneScape) had Dragonfire Shields with Antifire Potions for Fire-Based enemies. Updates kept rolling out, improving gameplay while maintaining treasured memories. 

Ultimately creating an excellent gaming environment today!

Potential Profit from Smelting Gold Bars.

Smelting gold bars can be lucrative in Old School Runescape. With the correct know-how and abilities, you can maximize your profits.

 The table below gives you an idea of the potential income:

Bar TypeExperienceGold per BarGP per Hour
Gold (fast)56.280425K

Smelting gold bars not only grants experience but also a high hourly rate of up to 425K GP. These rates may vary, however, depending on skill level and efficiency.

If you want to increase profits, use the Superheat Item spell or wear goldsmith gauntlets for extra bonuses. These small measures can make a great difference in the long run.

Time is money, and in GP farming, the focus is on the hourly rate of experience.

 Unless you are seeking unpaid experience, pay attention to this!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much coal can a blast furnace hold?

A: The capacity of a blast furnace to hold coal varies depending on its size and design. However, to provide a general estimate, a typical blast furnace can hold several thousand tons of coal.

Q: What factors influence the coal-holding capacity of a blast furnace?

A: Several factors affect the coal-holding capacity of a blast furnace, including its dimensions, production requirements, operational efficiency, and the specific type of coal being used. These factors collectively determine the furnace’s size and design, which ultimately determines its coal capacity.

Q: How is coal loaded into a blast furnace?

A: Coal is loaded into a blast furnace using a method called charging. Charging involves introducing layers of coal and other materials, such as iron ore and fluxes, into the furnace through openings called tuyeres. The layers are stacked in a precise manner to ensure efficient combustion and iron production.

Q: What is the purpose of coal in a blast furnace?

A: Coal plays a crucial role in the blast furnace process. It serves as a fuel source and a reducing agent. When heated in the presence of hot air, coal undergoes combustion, releasing heat and carbon monoxide (CO). The CO gas then reacts with iron oxides in the furnace, reducing them to metallic iron, which is the primary product of the blast furnace.

Q: How long does the coal in a blast furnace last?

A: The duration for which coal lasts in a blast furnace depends on various factors, such as furnace size, production rate, and the quality of coal used. Typically, a blast furnace can operate continuously for several hours or even days before requiring replenishment of coal and other materials.

Q: Can the coal-holding capacity of a blast furnace be increased?

A: The coal-holding capacity of a blast furnace is primarily determined by its design and cannot be easily altered without significant modifications. However, improvements in furnace technology and operational practices can optimize the use of coal and enhance overall efficiency, thereby maximizing the furnace’s productivity within its existing capacity.


Learn how much coal a furnace can hold? Essential for the smithing experience. Here’s the recap: A blast furnace holds up to 254 coal! Use a coal bag to get 27 more spaces. With Golden Nuggets on themed worlds, 72 furnaces have unlimited coke/ore. Fee required for full potential with all aspects repaired. Stamina potions for extended smelting sessions? A must! You can access the Blast Furnace room by talking to the dwarves outside its building entrance in Keldagrim. The nearest bank access is at the trader and bar dispenser close by. When I first started with OSRS, I didn’t understand blast furnace mechanics. After review, I got it! Thanks, OSRS!