How Much is a Small Space Heater?

The cost of a small space heater can vary significantly depending on factors such as brand, features, and the retailer. Based on a comprehensive market analysis, the price range for small space heaters typically falls between $7 to $256. This wide range reflects the diverse options available to consumers, catering to various budgets and heating requirements.

Retail Pricing Breakdown

  • The Home Depot: Offers small space heaters priced between $30 and $139.
  • Walmart: Carries a range of small space heaters from $7 to $109.
  • Target: Provides a selection of small space heaters priced from $35 to $256.

Amazon Pricing Insights

how much is a small space heater

When examining specific models on Amazon, the pricing can be as low as $17 for a 400W low-wattage portable personal mini heater. On the higher end, more advanced small space heaters with features like thermostats, oscillation, and multiple heating modes can cost up to $79.98.

Technical Specifications to Consider

When selecting a small space heater, it’s crucial to understand the technical specifications to ensure it meets your needs. Here are the key factors to consider:


The wattage of a small space heater indicates its power output and heat generation capacity. Common wattages for these types of heaters range from 400W to 1500W. Higher wattage generally translates to more heat output.

Heating Element

Small space heaters can utilize different heating elements, such as:
– Ceramic: Efficient and heat up quickly
– Quartz: Provide consistent, radiant heat
– Oil-filled: Offer steady, long-lasting heat

Safety Features

Look for small space heaters with essential safety features, including:
– Overheat protection
– Tip-over protection
– Cool-touch exteriors

Size and Portability

Consider the physical dimensions and weight of the small space heater, as well as any handles or wheels that can facilitate easy movement from room to room.

Noise Level

Some small space heaters can be quite noisy, so check the decibel rating if you plan to use it in a quiet environment like a bedroom or office.

Additional Features

More advanced small space heaters may include features like remote controls, programmable timers, and adjustable thermostats, enhancing the overall convenience and functionality.

DIY Modifications and Enhancements

While assembling a small space heater from scratch may not be a practical option for most people, there are various DIY projects that involve modifying or enhancing existing heaters. For example, you could create a decorative cover for a space heater or add a thermostat to better control the temperature.

It’s important to note that when working with any heating appliance, safety should always be the top priority. Any DIY modifications should be undertaken with caution and appropriate knowledge and skills to ensure the safe operation of the device.

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