Comprehensive Guide: How to Bypass Thermostat on a Gas Space Heater

Bypassing the thermostat on a gas space heater can be a temporary solution when the thermostat is malfunctioning or when you need to override the temperature control for specific reasons. However, it’s crucial to understand the risks and potential consequences of bypassing the thermostat, as it is a crucial safety and efficiency component of the heating system. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the necessary steps and technical details to bypass the thermostat on your gas space heater, while also highlighting the importance of proper thermostat operation.

Understanding the Thermostat’s Role in a Gas Space Heater

The thermostat in a gas space heater plays a vital role in the safe and efficient operation of the heating system. It is responsible for monitoring the temperature in the room and sending signals to the furnace or boiler to turn the heating system on or off as needed. The thermostat ensures that the desired temperature is maintained, and it also helps prevent the system from overheating or running excessively, which can lead to safety issues and increased energy consumption.

Locating the Thermostat and Terminal Block

how to bypass thermostat on a Gas Spance Heater

The first step in bypassing the thermostat is to locate the thermostat and the terminal block behind the thermostat base plate. The terminal block is where the various wires that control the heating system are connected. Typically, the terminal block will have the following wires:

  • Red wire (R): Constant 24-volt supply from the furnace
  • White wire (W): Heating control
  • Green wire (G): Fan control
  • Yellow wire (Y): Cooling control

Bypassing the Thermostat

To bypass the thermostat, you will need to connect the red wire (R) directly to the white wire (W) using a jumper clip or Wago lever nuts. This will effectively bypass the thermostat and provide a constant 24-volt supply to the heating control, causing the heating system to run continuously.

Before attempting to bypass the thermostat, ensure that the power to the furnace or boiler is turned off to avoid any electrical hazards. Additionally, it’s crucial to use the appropriate tools and follow safety protocols to prevent any potential injuries or damage to the heating system.

Considerations and Precautions

While bypassing the thermostat can provide a temporary solution, it’s important to understand the potential consequences of this action:

  1. Inefficient Heating: Without the thermostat’s temperature control, the heating system may run continuously, leading to inefficient energy usage and increased utility bills.

  2. Potential Damage: Leaving the system bypassed for an extended period can lead to overheating, which can cause damage to the furnace, boiler, or other components of the heating system.

  3. Safety Concerns: The thermostat is designed to prevent the heating system from overheating and to shut off the system in case of a malfunction. Bypassing the thermostat can compromise the safety of the heating system and increase the risk of fire or other hazards.

  4. Warranty Implications: Bypassing the thermostat may void the warranty on the heating system, as it is considered a modification to the original equipment.

Advanced DIY Approach: Manual Override System

For a more advanced DIY approach, you can create a manual override system using a simple switch. This system allows you to manually control the heating or cooling system by connecting the switch to the thermostat wires. However, this method requires a good understanding of electrical circuits and should only be attempted by those with the necessary skills and knowledge.


Bypassing the thermostat on a gas space heater can be a temporary solution, but it should be done with caution and a clear understanding of the potential risks and consequences. It’s important to remember that the thermostat is a crucial component of the heating system, designed to ensure safe and efficient operation. Unless absolutely necessary, it’s best to avoid bypassing the thermostat and instead focus on repairing or replacing the faulty thermostat to maintain the integrity and performance of your gas space heater.


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