Mastering the Art of Changing Modes on Your Gree AC Remote


Navigating the various modes on your Gree AC remote can be a game-changer in optimizing your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of changing modes, along with a deep dive into the advanced features and functions that can elevate your Gree AC experience.

Locating the Mode Button

how to change mode in Gree ac remoteImage source: Gree ac by Air Fans

The mode button on your Gree AC remote is typically marked with distinct icons, each representing a specific mode of operation. These icons often include:

  • Snowflake: Cooling mode
  • Sun: Heating mode
  • Water Droplet: Dry mode
  • Fan: Fan-only mode

Familiarize yourself with the location and appearance of the mode button on your remote to ensure a seamless mode-changing experience.

Pressing the Mode Button

To change the mode on your Gree AC remote, simply press the mode button until the desired mode is displayed on the remote’s screen. This intuitive process allows you to cycle through the available modes with ease.

Cooling Mode

When the snowflake icon is displayed, your Gree AC unit is in cooling mode. In this mode, the system will work to lower the temperature in the room, providing a refreshing and comfortable environment.

Heating Mode

The sun icon indicates that your Gree AC unit is in heating mode. This mode will work to raise the temperature, ensuring a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Dry Mode

The water droplet icon signifies that the Gree AC unit is in dry mode. This mode is designed to remove excess moisture from the air, helping to maintain a comfortable and dehumidified environment.

Fan-Only Mode

The fan icon denotes that the Gree AC unit is in fan-only mode. In this mode, the system will circulate the air without actively cooling or heating, providing a gentle breeze.

Advanced Features and Functions

Your Gree AC remote offers a wealth of advanced features and functions that can further enhance your comfort and energy efficiency. Let’s explore these in detail:

Adjusting the Temperature

After selecting the desired mode, you can use the temperature adjustment buttons, typically marked with “+” and “-” signs, to fine-tune the temperature to your preferred setting.

Controlling the Fan Speed

The fan button on your Gree AC remote allows you to adjust the fan speed, ranging from low to high, to suit your personal preferences and the room’s cooling or heating needs.

Utilizing the Swing Function

The swing buttons on your remote enable you to control the vertical and horizontal angles of the air flow, ensuring optimal air distribution throughout the room.

Activating the Turbo Function

The turbo function, when engaged, will increase the airflow and cooling or heating speed, providing a rapid temperature adjustment when you need it most.

Enabling the Child Lock

To prevent unauthorized changes to your Gree AC settings, you can activate the child lock function by pressing and holding the up and down buttons simultaneously.

Enjoying the Sleep Mode

The sleep mode gradually increases the temperature during sleep hours, creating a more comfortable sleeping environment and promoting energy savings.

Leveraging the “I Feel” Function

The “I Feel” function sends the temperature reading from your remote to the indoor unit, allowing the system to adjust the temperature based on your location and preferences.

Scheduling with Timer On and Timer Off

The timer on and timer off buttons enable you to set a simple schedule, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your Gree AC system while maximizing energy efficiency.

Activating the Energy Saving Function

In cooling mode, you can press the temp and clock buttons simultaneously to enable the energy-saving function, which sets a setpoint based on current ambient conditions to minimize energy consumption.


Mastering the art of changing modes on your Gree AC remote is the key to unlocking the full potential of your system. By understanding the various mode options, advanced features, and technical details, you can create a personalized climate control experience that caters to your comfort and energy-saving needs. Dive into the world of Gree AC remote control and take charge of your indoor environment.


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