Mastering the Art of Changing Modes on Your Trane AC Remote

In the world of home climate control, the Trane AC remote is a powerful tool that allows you to effortlessly manage the temperature and comfort of your living space. One of the most crucial functions of this remote is the ability to change the operating mode, enabling you to tailor your HVAC system’s performance to your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking to cool, heat, or simply circulate the air, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of mastering mode changes on your Trane AC remote.

Navigating the “MODE” Button

The heart of mode changes on your Trane AC remote lies in the “MODE” button, typically located near the center of the device. This button is often marked with intuitive icons, such as a fan, snowflake, or sun, indicating the various operating modes available.

To change the mode, simply press the “MODE” button. Each press will cycle through the different modes, including:

  1. Auto: This mode automatically adjusts the system’s operation to maintain the desired temperature, seamlessly switching between cooling and heating as needed.
  2. Cool: This mode activates the cooling function, allowing you to lower the indoor temperature to your preferred setting.
  3. Heat: This mode engages the heating function, raising the indoor temperature to your desired level.
  4. Fan-Only: This mode circulates the air without heating or cooling, providing a gentle breeze throughout the space.

Selecting the Desired Mode

how to change mode in Trane ac remoteImage source: Flickr

As you press the “MODE” button, the current mode will be displayed on the remote’s screen, typically at the top of the display. Continue pressing the button until the desired mode is shown, then observe the screen to confirm the selection.

Confirming the Mode Change

In most cases, the mode change is automatically confirmed once the desired setting is displayed on the screen. However, some Trane AC remotes may require an additional step, such as pressing the “Done” or “Set” button, to finalize the mode selection.

Advanced Features and Customization

The Trane XR724 Touchscreen Comfort Control offers a range of advanced features and customization options that can further enhance your mode-changing experience:

System Modes

In addition to the standard modes (Auto, Cool, Heat, Fan-Only), the XR724 Touchscreen Comfort Control provides additional system modes, including Off, Heating, Cooling, Auto, and EM Heat (Emergency Heat).

Fan Modes

The XR724 Touchscreen Comfort Control offers various fan modes, such as Auto, On, and Circulate, allowing you to fine-tune the air circulation to your preference.

Delta Settings

The XR724 Touchscreen Comfort Control allows you to adjust the delta “On” setting for cooling mode, which determines how much the indoor temperature must deviate from the setpoint before the system starts cooling.


The XR724 Touchscreen Comfort Control enables you to calibrate the remote sensor, outdoor sensor, and internal humidity sensor, ensuring accurate temperature and humidity readings.

Display Settings

The XR724 Touchscreen Comfort Control offers customizable display settings, including backlight brightness and display lock, allowing you to personalize the user interface.


The XR724 Touchscreen Comfort Control supports timers for heating and cooling stages, which can be adjusted for normal, less aggressive, or more aggressive settings, providing you with greater control over your HVAC system’s operation.

Visual Guidance

For a step-by-step visual guide on changing modes and setting timers on your Trane mini-split remote, refer to the following YouTube video:

Add or remove timer on Trane mini split remote – YouTube

This video provides a practical demonstration of the mode-changing and timer-setting process, complementing the written instructions in this guide.


Mastering the art of changing modes on your Trane AC remote is a crucial skill for maintaining optimal comfort and energy efficiency in your home. By understanding the intuitive “MODE” button, selecting the desired mode, and leveraging the advanced features of the Trane XR724 Touchscreen Comfort Control, you can take full control of your HVAC system and create the perfect indoor environment tailored to your needs. With this comprehensive guide, you’re well on your way to becoming a Trane AC remote expert, empowered to effortlessly navigate the world of climate control.


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