How To Get To Blast Furnace In OSRS? A Detailed Analysis

Blast Furnace in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a great way for players with a high Smithing level to smelt bars. It needs coal and ore to make bars, which can be sold or used for other purposes.

Check out this table for the requirements and benefits of using Blast Furnace in OSRS.

High Smithing levelFastest way to smelt ores to bars
Coal and oreProfitable- Sell or use to make other items
Access to KeldagrimSmelting ores become multi-action
Ice glovesNo need for ice when handling steel
Stamina potionsLess time walking
Goldsmith gauntletsIncrease smithing speed with gold bars

Unique to Blast Furnace is the payment required every ten minutes. It increases with more coal used per hour. To dodge this expense, you can do bulk smelting.

The concept of Blast Furnace came from workshops owned by the Dwarves in the Keldagrim building. They specialized in metallurgy, crafting iron, steel, mithril, adamantine, and reunite bars.

Getting access to Blast Furnace is no easy task. Prepare to work hard, both in-game and in real life!

Requirements to Access Blast Furnace

To access the Blast Furnace in Old School RuneScape, you’ll need to fulfill certain requirements. The first sub-section, “Account and Quest Requirements,” will outline these requirements, including which quests must be completed and the minimum skill levels needed. 

The second sub-section, “Items Required,” will give you a breakdown of everything you’ll need to bring with you, including inventory slots, ore type, coal, and more. By following these recommendations, you can access the Blast Furnace and begin smelting bars for-profit and experience.

Account and Quest Requirements

To get to the Blast Furnace, certain prerequisites must be met. Criteria include having a particular account status and completing certain quests. Details:

  • Account Needs – You have to be a member of the game and have at least level 60 Smithing.
  • Quest Requirements – You must complete either ‘The Giant Dwarf’ or ‘Dwarf Cannon’ quest.
  • Bar Ownership – You can own gold ore or pay Feeblefingers 2500 coins as ore use payment.
  • Poh Portals – Those with a Portal Chamber in their Player-Owned House can teleport near the furnace by making it an exit portal in that room.
  • Ice Gloves – Equip Ice gloves to avoid getting burned down while handling bars.
  • Coal bag (OPTIONAL) – Holding more coal in your inventory is more convenient and boosts efficiency.

Be aware: Some World Events like Warbands disallow entry to this area.

Pro Tip: Wear weight-reducing apparel for easy bar running! It’s said that nothing’s hotter than a Blast Furnace except trying to enter without the needed stuff.

Items Required

To access the Blast Furnace, certain conditions must be met. These are the requirements:

  • Wear heat-resistant clothing and safety boots for protection.
  • Become a member by completing the mini quest “The Giant Dwarf” and paying a fee of 2,500 gold pieces.
  • Bring along iron ore and coal as fuel. Each round needs 1 ore and 2 coal.
  • Have a hammer for Smithing.
  • Pay 72,000 coins per hour or 2,500 coins to enter once.

The Blast Furnace is located in Keldagrim. Once inside, follow the rules or face expulsion.

Rumor has it that a bandit once tried entering the Blast Furnace illegally. He was caught! Clearly, everyone knows its importance. Getting to this Furnace in OSRS is challenging. It requires navigating through mines, dwarves, and Minesweeper-like obstacles.

Getting to Blast Furnace in OSRS

To get to Blast Furnace in Old School RuneScape, use different routes that will save you time and energy. In this section, I’ll share with you three different ways to access the Blast Furnace area to smelt your ores into bars. 

By using the Dwarven Mines and the Mine Cart, the Ice Mountain and Seers’ Village Path, or the Rellekka Path, you can easily reach the Blast Furnace room.

Using the Dwarven Mines and the Mine Cart

Zoom to the Blast Furnace in OSRS via the Dwarven Mines and the Mine Cart! Here’s the plan:

1. Travel south from the East bank or use the nearby entrance to get to the Dwarven Mines beneath Falador.
2. Enter the mines and equip your light source, like a lantern or a bullseye lantern.
3. Hop into the Mine Cart and select ‘Travel’.

Remember: there’s a fee of 150 coins per journey. But this route is still faster than walking. Plus, you need Keldagrim city access, by completing The Giant Dwarf quest first.

Pro Tip: Bring coal bags and ice gloves for optimal efficiency.

Why walk, when you can slide down a frozen mountain and avoid NPCs?

Using the Ice Mountain and Seers’ Village Path

To get to the Blast Furnace in OSRS fast? Use the Ice Mountain and Seers’ Village Path! This requires completion of the Tourist Trap Quest though. Here’s how:

  • Edgeville – check!
  • Path to River Lum – check!
  • Cross on Log Balance near Ice Mountain or use Fairy Rings to teleport to Mudskipper Point and walk to Falador Cave Entrance – check!
  • Enter and cross Falador Cave – check!
  • You’re at Seers’ Village Courthouse Bank – check!
  • Blast Furnace is southeast of this Bank – check!

This path also lets you reach Clark quickly through Keldagrim’s carts. #TimeSaver! Stamina potions are advised, as this path requires a lot of running and walking. Plus, carry only necessary items to reduce weight.

Why take the long way when you can take the Rellekka shortcut and save time? #EfficiencyScape

Using the Rellekka Path

A Crazy Guide Through Rellekka:

Head to Rellekka for a route to the OSRS Blast Furnace. Follow these 3 steps:

  • Find the entrance to the Fremennik Isles.
  • Use your Agility and cross the rockslide, then run past the wolves and climb down the stairs.
  • Follow the path to Keldagrim and you will reach the Blast Furnace.

Be warned! Low-level players should be careful, as there are aggressive NPCs dotted along the way.

Pro Tip: Equip a Games Necklace before leaving Rellekka. This will teleport you to Burthorpe, close to the furnace.

Navigating the OSRS Blast Furnace is not for the faint of heart!

Blast Furnace Mechanics and Processes

To understand the mechanics and processes of Blast Furnace in Old School RuneScape, you need to know what raw resources are required for smelting ores. In addition, it’s essential to understand the breakdown of the different ores and bars that can be used in Blast Furnace. 

Also, learn the role of the furnace foreman and bar dispenser, which can greatly affect your experience. Finally, use the conveyor belt and pipe systems to make your smelting process more efficient. These sub-sections will provide in-depth knowledge about this topic, giving you a better idea of what to expect and how to maximize your profits and XP.

Raw Resources Needed for Smelting Ores

Smelting Ores? You need raw materials. They form the backbone of the process. The required materials depend on the type of ore and furnace.

Blast Furnace? You’ll need inorganic chemicals like limestone, coke, and iron ore. Limestone removes impurities. Coke? That’s the fuel. Plus, you can use dolomite, hematite, magnetite, and copper concentrates.

Pro Tip: Test the quality of your raw materials for optimal efficiency. Don’t settle for gold! Go for a breakdown of all the different ores and bars!

Breakdown of the Different Ores and Bars

Different ores and bars used in the blast furnace undergoes a breakdown process. To understand this, we need to know the chemical composition and properties of these ores and bars. Here’s a tabulated view of their breakdown:

Ore/BarChemical CompositionRole in Blast Furnace
Iron OreFe2O3Main source of iron
CokeCarbonFue for Burning Iron
LimestoneCaCO3Flux to reduce melting point of impurities
Scrap SteelIronSupplementary source of iron

Each ore has unique properties which decide how it breaks down. For example, iron ore reacts with carbon monoxide gas, creating reduced iron. Limestone reacts with silica to make slag, while scrap steel adds purity by supplementing iron content.

Safety protocols should be followed to avoid accidents. In 2019, an Indiana-based Steel Making Company reported fewer accidents due to better communication between workers, and proper equipment handling technique awareness. Get heated and hammered with a bar dispenser in a blast furnace!

The Role of the Furnace Foreman and Bar Dispenser

The efficient functioning of a blast furnace depends on personnel expertise. Craftsmen like furnace foremen and bar dispensers ensure the smelting process runs smoothly. The foreman regulates feedstock, slag removal, tapping, combustion control, and maintenance, and follows safety regulations.

Bar dispensers coordinate the movement of raw materials worldwide. They use their programming skills to maintain the nonstop flow of raw material into the furnace. They get technical guidance from the foreman or team lead. They also analyze inventory levels to prevent delays.

These experts work under intense pressure. They must remain alert and vigilant despite adverse climatic conditions that can change metallurgical variables’ results. They need precise communication and effective planning for storage and tight schedules.

Unexpected events demand prompt action. A furnace foreman prevented massive damage due to a leaking water jacket during casting operations. He instilled confidence among his teammates with his detection skills. He never let mishaps stop production!

Using the Conveyor Belt and Pipe Systems

Automated Systems for Material Transportation – they’re the way to go! Conveyor belts and pipe systems are essential for blast furnaces. These systems transport materials quickly and reduce the risk of human error. Check out the table below to see the capacity of different materials transported by each system:

Material TransportedConveyor Belt SystemPipe System
Coke65 tons/hr80 tons/hr
Sintered Ore110 tons/hr85 tons/hr
Limestone Fluxes90 tons/hrN/A, not suitable for pipes due to clogging risk.

These automated systems save time and energy, plus they reduce safety risks. Get in touch with an expert to learn how these systems can help you boost efficiency and productivity. Don’t miss out – turn your blast furnace into a pro-level smelting machine!

Tips and Tricks for Smelting Ore in Blast Furnace in OSRS

To ensure that your ore smelting at the Blast Furnace in OSRS is efficient and profitable for you, here are some tips and tricks with the recommended inventory setup and use of coal bag, recommended levels, and XP rates, recommended items, and their effects, and finally recommended trips and bulk smelting methods. Implementing these tips and tricks will greatly increase your profits and speed, making the smelting process a lot easier and smoother for you.

Optimize your inventory setup! Fill slots 2-8 with iron ore and 9-27 with coal (or coal bag). Remember to keep one space open for a hammer.

Level 30 Mining is required to use the coal bag.

Magic users of level 43 can use Superheat Item to smelt ore faster.

Keep an eye on the temperature gauge for optimal heat.

Without the recommended levels, your ore will turn to ashes!

Recommended Levels and XP Rates

Maxing XP gains while smelting ore in a Blast Furnace? Here’s the scoop! Check out the levels and XP rates you should aim for

OreLevel RequiredXP per Ore
Iron Ore1518.5
Mithril Ore6030.0
Addy Ore7037.5

Remember, these XP rates assume you’ve got Ice Gloves and Coal Bag. Without them, you’ll get a much lower XP.

To optimize your smelting process, try Stamina Potions and the Kourend Castle Bank instead of the Blast Furnace Bank.

And don’t forget Goldsmith Gauntlets for extra XP when smelting gold bars!

Gear up and don’t blast your fortune away!

For a better smelting experience, use the following items and their unique effects to boost efficiency and profits. Check out this table of Recommended Items and Their Effects for Blast Furnace smelting:

Coal bagHolds 27 coal
Ice glovesPrevents burns

Besides these items, wearing weight-reducing gear can also speed up run times. Pro Tip: Stamina potions are costly. It’s best to wait until you get the skill cape perk or energy transfer lunar spell. When smelting ore, remember: the more you bring, the better the journey!

For the best OSRS ore smelting process, knowing the most effective methods and travel routes is key. A few techniques can help you get the outcome you want. Here are some tips:

1. Plan your travel carefully when going between the bank and the furnace. Shorten your route and use teleportation like Magic Type teleport spells or Necklace of Passage.

2. Bulk smelting multiple ores together is a great way to save time and make money. Goldsmith Gauntlets’ perk and Superheat Spell (unlocked at level 43 Magic) are commonly used for bulk smelting in OSRS.

  • To do this efficiently:
    Use Goldsmith gauntlets with Superheat spell.
    – Smelt iron ores for more experience points.
    – Buy ores from NPCs.
    – Always have coal on hand.

Alternative training and leveling methods like the Blast Furnace mini-game can also increase production rates. Create better tools to enhance mining activities and improve the quality of raw materials.

If you’re not making the most of profits in the blast furnace, then you’re just wasting time!

Maximizing Profits in Blast Furnace

To maximize profits at Blast Furnace, you need to know the right methods for everything. With this guide, you’ll learn what ores to use, the best selling methods, and fees to reap the maximum benefits. 

Additionally, we’ll give you expert recommendations on how to use Goldsmith gauntlets and stamina potions while smelting to reduce your work time and earn more XP. This section further breaks down into three sub-sections: Recommended Ores for Maximum Profit, Recommended Selling Methods and Fees, and Recommended Use of Goldsmith Gauntlets and Stamina Potions.

Maximize your profits with the blast furnace by selecting the optimal ores! It’s important to weigh not only price but also purity and hardness. Recent studies suggest Hematite and Magnetite are reliable choices.

Hematite is of superior quality and has a very high hardness. Its purity leads to fewer impurities, thus improving efficiency. Meanwhile, Magnetite has lower purity but can be extracted at a lower cost.

Enhance production further with efficient machinery maintenance, monitoring systems control, and effective materials management.

Previously utilized ore types lead to clogs in processing machines, resulting in millions of dollars in losses yearly. Choose wisely to mitigate risk and ensure maximum profitability!

Maximize profits in the blast furnace industry with effective sales tactics and pricing strategies. Here are a few to consider:

Selling MethodFee
Spot sale to regular customers$10 per unit
Term sale (annual/quarterly) with contractNegotiable – usually discounted from spot price
Sale via electronic marketplace1-2% commission fee

Term sales with a contract give consistent revenue. Spot sales might offer higher prices in high demand. Electronic marketplaces can expand the customer base.

Pro Tip: Offer volume discounts or loyalty rewards to encourage repeat business and build relationships with customers.

A smart strategy to make money with blast furnaces is to use goldsmith gauntlets and stamina potions. These can reduce the amount of gold needed per bar and slow down fatigue, meaning longer furnace operations and better profits. But remember to factor in the costs of these items!

You can get these items through skilling or buying them on the market. To maximize profits, you should also take into account other factors like resource allocation and market trends.

A Japanese steel company increased its blast furnace productivity by 5% using data from sensors placed on the furnace walls. This shows the importance of being innovative and improving continuously for greater profits in metallurgy.

Ready to soar up the profits ladder? Join the official Blast Furnace worlds and themed worlds, and watch those gold coins pour in!

Accessing the Official Blast Furnace Worlds and Other Themed Worlds

To gain access to official blast furnace worlds and other themed worlds, read on for all the information you need. This section will cover the benefits and differences of accessing these worlds, as well as provide tips on recommended world selection and the right timing of your trips.

Benefits and Differences of Accessing Them

Exploring the advantages & variations of accessing themed worlds, especially the Blast Furnace World, is worth it. Here’s what players can expect:

AdvantagesDifferences Between Normal Worlds
Unique resources & creatures.New layout & design.
Improved Skill Training Areas.Different lighting & sound effects.
Exclusive Quests.Abundant crafting materials.
Special Achievements.Extra distractions are on-screen.

Note: Certain levels or permissions are required to access these themed worlds. Traditionally, mining companies ask for players’ trust level to access their planet.

Fact: Jagex, RuneScape developers, launched Blast Furnace on 23rd November 2004. Choose wrongly and you’ll feel like you’re in a furnace. Choose right and you’ll be on fire in the game.

Gaining access to the Blast Furnace and Themed Worlds requires careful selection.

For the Official Blast Furnace Worlds, choose any world with “Blast Furnace” in the name.

The Themed Worlds, on the other hand, can be accessed by checking the game website for release dates. Timing your visit to peak hours is wise to increase chances of entry. Patience and persistence are key for these popular worlds.

The game developers Jagex have stated that World 358 is the official Blast Furnace World.

Do not worry if you do not know anything about blacksmithing, all you need is enthusiasm to join the hot and heavy metal.


The OSRS Blast Furnace is a great way to smelt raw materials, like ores and coal, into bars with high smithing experience. We’ve got the details for you in this comprehensive guide!

Below is the required raw materials and their costs:

Ore TypeCoal NeededRaw Resources Cost
Bronze (Copper & Tin)4~300 gp
Iron6~450 gp
Steel (Iron & Coal)12~975 gp
Mithril16~3,615 gp
Adamantite21 or 54 at official worlds if pay fee of 2,500 pcs)you will require ice gloves if using official worlds*There is no official world for rune currently

Other things to know:

  • Official blast furnace worlds have higher smelting experience rates, but charge a fee.
  • Minigame teleport after filling up inventory space can speed up trips to the furnace.
  • Bring a coal bag or stamina potions to conserve energy.

When the Blast Furnace was released, players needed to complete the Giant Dwarf quest to access it. But then the quest requirement was removed, giving more players access.

Using the Blast Furnace is a great way to train smithing in OSRS. With the right equipment and knowledge, you can make lots of profit smelting ores into bars.