How to Lubricate Motor on YORK Inverter: A Comprehensive Guide

Maintaining the motor on a YORK inverter is crucial for its optimal performance and longevity. Proper lubrication is a key aspect of this maintenance, ensuring the smooth operation of the motor’s bearings. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the step-by-step process of lubricating the motor on a YORK inverter, providing you with the technical expertise and practical knowledge to tackle this task with confidence.

Identify the Bearing Type

The first step in lubricating the motor on a YORK inverter is to identify the type of bearings used in the motor. This information is crucial, as it will determine the appropriate lubricant to use. YORK inverter motors typically employ anti-friction bearings, for which the recommended lubricant is Polyrex™ EM. This grease has a temperature range of -15.0°F (-26.1°C) to 120.0°F (48.8°C), making it suitable for a wide range of operating conditions.

Determine the Lubricant Quantity

how to lubricate motor on YORK inverter

The amount of lubricant required for the motor’s bearings will depend on the specific motor model and its bearing type. For example, a Toshiba motor with a frame size of 1000 requires approximately 1.5 cubic inches of grease. It is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the exact lubrication requirements of your YORK inverter motor.

Prepare the Motor for Lubrication

Before adding lubricant, it is crucial to follow all standard lockout tag out procedures to ensure the safety of the technician. If the motor is equipped with a grease plug, it should be removed prior to adding the lubricant.

Add the Lubricant

Once the motor is prepared, the recommended amount of lubricant should be added to the bearings. The method for adding the lubricant will depend on the manufacturer’s instructions. For a Toshiba motor with a frame size of 1000, the lubricant should be added using a grease gun and following the “At Rest Operational” procedure.

Run the Motor

After adding the lubricant, the motor should be run for a minimum of 45 minutes before replacing the grease plug, if equipped. This allows the lubricant to distribute evenly throughout the bearing surfaces, ensuring optimal lubrication.

Considerations for Grease Type Compatibility

It is important to note that it is not recommended to mix synthetic greases with mineral oil-based grease, which is the type of grease typically found in the motor bearings as shipped from the manufacturer. If you need to change the type of grease, the bearing cavities, housings, and lines must be thoroughly cleaned of the old grease before adding the new grease.

By following these steps, you can effectively lubricate the motor on your YORK inverter, ensuring its smooth and efficient operation. Remember to always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines to ensure the proper and safe completion of this maintenance task.


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