How to Register Gree AC Warranty: A Comprehensive Guide

Registering your Gree air conditioner’s warranty is a crucial step to ensure you have access to support and service when needed. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process, from understanding the different warranty types to initiating a warranty claim, providing you with the technical details and expert-level insights to ensure a seamless experience.

Warranty Registration

Registering your Gree AC warranty is not mandatory for the Standard Warranty, but it is highly recommended. This registration process ensures that you have easy access to support and service when needed. To register your Gree AC warranty, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the GREE Comfort Website: Navigate to the GREE Comfort website and locate the warranty registration section.
  2. Fill Out the Necessary Information: Provide the required details, such as your name, contact information, the model and serial number of your Gree AC unit, and the installation date.
  3. Extended Warranty Option: If you have a GREE Select Dealer, the Extended Warranty Option is available. For this warranty, registration within 60 days of installation is mandatory.
  4. Confirmation and Documentation: After submitting the registration form, you should receive a confirmation and a copy of the warranty documentation for your records.

Warranty Types

how to register Gree ac warrantyImage source: Gree ac by Air Fans

Gree offers different warranty types based on the dealer category. Understanding these warranty types is crucial to ensure you are aware of the coverage and duration of your Gree AC warranty.

Dealer Category Parts & Compressor Warranty Controls Warranty
Standard Dealers 5/7-year 1-year
Commercial Dealers 5/7-year 1-year
GREE Select Dealers 10-year 1-year

It’s important to note that the warranty does not apply to ETAC or TTW series units. Always refer to the sales brochures for specific warranty information.

Warranty Documentation

Carefully review the warranty documentation provided by Gree. This documentation outlines the terms and conditions of the warranty, including the coverage, exclusions, and any specific requirements.

  1. Warranty Coverage: Understand the scope of the warranty, including what is covered and what is not covered.
  2. Exclusions: Be aware of any exclusions or limitations to the warranty, such as improper installation, lack of maintenance, or use of non-approved parts.
  3. Requirements: Familiarize yourself with any specific requirements, such as the need for a certified GREE GMV startup technician to commission the system for warranty registration.

Replacement Parts

If your Gree AC system requires a part under warranty, the process is straightforward. Simply order the part number from Gree, and they will provide the replacement part hassle-free. However, be sure to review the warranty requirements and documentation to ensure the part is covered.

Warranty Claim

To initiate a warranty claim, follow these steps:

  1. Open a Claim: Contact Gree Customer Care at 888.850.7928 and open a warranty claim.
  2. Provide Information: Be prepared to provide the necessary details, such as the model and serial number of your Gree AC unit, the issue you are experiencing, and any relevant documentation.
  3. Claim Processing: Gree will review the claim and provide you with the next steps, which may include sending a technician to inspect the unit or authorizing the replacement of the faulty part.

Installation and Commissioning

For your Gree AC warranty to be valid, it is crucial that your system is commissioned by a certified GREE GMV startup technician. This ensures that the installation and setup of your Gree AC unit meet the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements.

Keep Installation Invoice

Customers should keep a copy of their installation invoice on hand. This document will be essential if you need to contact your servicing contractor or Gree Customer Care for warranty-related assistance.


If you require any support or have questions about your Gree AC warranty, there are several resources available:

  1. Licensed HVAC Contractor: Reach out to a licensed HVAC contractor who can provide guidance and assistance with your Gree AC warranty.
  2. GREE Warranty Lookup: Use the GREE Warranty Lookup tool on the GREE Comfort website to search for your warranty information by serial number.
  3. GREE Customer Care: Contact Gree Customer Care at 888.850.7928 for any warranty-related inquiries or to initiate a claim.

By following this comprehensive guide, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free process when registering your Gree AC warranty. Remember to keep all relevant documentation, work with certified technicians, and utilize the available support resources to get the most out of your Gree AC warranty.