Is an Electric Blanket Better Than a Space Heater?

An electric blanket and a space heater are both popular heating solutions, but they have distinct advantages and disadvantages. To determine which one is the better choice, it’s essential to consider factors like comfort, energy consumption, portability, safety, and cost.


When it comes to comfort, an electric blanket provides direct warmth to the body, making it an excellent option for individuals who prefer to stay in bed or sit on the couch. The cozy and enveloping warmth of an electric blanket can be particularly appealing during cold winter nights. On the other hand, a space heater heats up the entire room, which can be more comfortable for people who are moving around or working in a specific area.

Energy Consumption

is an electric blanket better than space heater

One of the key advantages of an electric blanket is its significantly lower energy consumption compared to a space heater. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, electric blankets typically use between 50 to 200 watts, while space heaters can consume between 750 to 1,500 watts. This means that an electric blanket can save up to 80% of energy costs compared to a space heater.

To put this into perspective, let’s consider a scenario. If you use a 1,000-watt space heater for 4 hours a day, it would consume 4 kWh of electricity per day. Assuming an average electricity rate of $0.13 per kWh, the daily cost would be around $0.52. In contrast, if you use a 100-watt electric blanket for the same duration, it would consume only 0.4 kWh per day, costing you approximately $0.05 per day. Over the course of a month, the electric blanket could save you up to $14 in energy costs compared to the space heater.


When it comes to portability, electric blankets have a clear advantage. They are lightweight and easy to move around, making them a convenient option for use in different locations. Space heaters, on the other hand, are generally heavier and less portable, although they can still be moved from one room to another.

The portability of an electric blanket allows you to take it with you to different rooms or even to the office, ensuring that you stay warm and cozy wherever you go. This can be particularly useful for individuals who work from home or spend a significant amount of time in a specific area.


Safety is a crucial consideration when choosing between an electric blanket and a space heater. Space heaters can pose a significant fire risk if they are not used properly. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, portable heaters, including electric space heaters, are involved in an average of 1,700 fires per year, resulting in an average of 70 deaths and 160 injuries annually.

Electric blankets, on the other hand, are generally considered safer, but they still require proper care and attention. It’s important to avoid leaving an electric blanket on while sleeping, as it can cause burns or fires if it overheats. Additionally, it’s crucial to inspect the blanket regularly for any signs of wear and tear and to avoid using it with other electric heating devices.


When it comes to cost, electric blankets are generally more affordable than space heaters. The average price of an electric blanket ranges from around $50 to $150, depending on the size, features, and brand. In contrast, space heaters can cost anywhere from $30 to $200 or more, depending on the size, power output, and additional features.

However, it’s important to consider the long-term costs of energy consumption when comparing the two. As mentioned earlier, electric blankets consume significantly less energy than space heaters, which can result in significant savings on your energy bills over time.


In conclusion, an electric blanket is generally the better choice compared to a space heater, especially when considering factors like energy consumption, portability, and cost. However, a space heater may be a more suitable option for individuals who need to heat up a larger space or move around frequently.

Ultimately, the decision between an electric blanket and a space heater will depend on your personal preferences, specific needs, and the layout of your living space. By carefully weighing the pros and cons of each option, you can make an informed decision that best suits your heating requirements and budget.