Is Daikin AC Better Than Friedrich?

When comparing Daikin and Friedrich air conditioners, there are several technical specifications, energy efficiency, sound levels, and ease of service factors to consider. This comprehensive guide will provide a detailed comparison of the two brands, equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Technical Specifications


  • Daikin: Utilizes an inverter compressor, which offers superior efficiency and precise temperature control by adjusting the compressor speed based on cooling demand.
  • Friedrich: Does not specify the type of compressor used in their units, making it difficult to assess its technical capabilities compared to Daikin’s inverter compressor.

Cooling Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER)

  • Daikin: Boasts a remarkable SEER rating of 25.20, indicating exceptional energy efficiency.
  • Friedrich: Does not provide the SEER rating for their air conditioners, hindering a direct comparison of energy efficiency.

Heating Season Efficiency Rating (HSPF)

  • Daikin: Achieves an impressive HSPF rating of 13.00, showcasing its efficient heating performance.
  • Friedrich: Fails to disclose the HSPF rating for their units, making it challenging to evaluate their heating efficiency against Daikin.

Operating Range

  • Daikin: Operates within a wide temperature range of -13°F to 114.8°F, ensuring reliable performance in diverse climatic conditions.
  • Friedrich: Does not specify the operating temperature range for their air conditioners, leaving this crucial information unknown.

Sound Rating

  • Daikin: Boasts a sound rating of 49 dB indoors and 45 dB outdoors, ensuring a quieter operation compared to many other brands.
  • Friedrich: Does not provide the sound rating for their air conditioners, making it difficult to assess the noise levels.

Energy Efficiency

is daikin AC better  than FriedrichImage source: Daikin Air Conditioner Outdoor by Dinkun Chen

Daikin’s superior SEER rating of 25.20 indicates that it is significantly more energy-efficient than Friedrich’s air conditioners. However, without the SEER rating information from Friedrich, a direct comparison is challenging.

Sound Levels

Daikin’s lower sound ratings of 49 dB indoors and 45 dB outdoors suggest that it operates more quietly than Friedrich’s air conditioners. This can be an important consideration for homeowners who value a peaceful living environment.

Ease of Service

According to a Reddit post, Daikin mini-splits are generally easier to service and troubleshoot compared to other brands, including Fujitsu. However, it’s worth noting that the technical support personnel may not always be experienced technicians, and they may rely on scripted responses.


Based on the available data, Daikin appears to be the superior choice compared to Friedrich in terms of technical specifications, energy efficiency, and sound levels. However, the ease of service may vary depending on the specific model and the availability of knowledgeable technical support.

It’s important to note that the decision should also consider factors such as installation requirements, warranty coverage, and overall cost, as these can also play a significant role in the selection process.


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