Discover the Perfect Styrofoam Cooler Size for Your 5 Needs

Styrofoam coolers are versatile and essential for various applications, from shipping medical specimens to transporting perishable food items. They come in a wide range of sizes, each with unique technical specifications that cater to different needs. This comprehensive guide will provide you with a detailed overview of Styrofoam cooler sizes, focusing on the technical specifications and DIY aspects to help you make informed decisions.

Styrofoam Cooler Size and Technical Specifications

12.25″x12.25″x12″ Insulated Styrofoam Cooler

This compact Styrofoam cooler has an internal volume of 1.07 cubic feet and comes with a secure lid. Its wall thickness is 1.5 inches, providing excellent insulation with an R-factor of 4 per inch. This cooler is designed for efficient storage and transportation, as it can accommodate up to 45 units per pallet, with pallet dimensions of 50″ x 50″ x 85″.

45 Quart Styrofoam Cooler

The 45 Quart Styrofoam Cooler boasts internal dimensions of 20½ x 12½ x 8½ inches, offering a capacity of 1.26 cubic feet. Its exterior dimensions measure 24 x 16¼ x 12¾ inches, and it features a wall thickness of 1.5 inches for superior insulation. This cooler can be purchased in bulk and shipped either nested or individually in cooler boxes, making it a versatile option for various applications.

Styrofoam Cooler Box (OD 11X9X15)

This Styrofoam cooler box has internal dimensions of approximately 10.75″ x 8.75″ x 14.25″ (LxWxH), providing a volume of around 13 liters. Its compact size makes it ideal for shipping perishable items, medical specimens, and other temperature-sensitive goods. The Styrofoam construction ensures effective insulation and protection for the contents.

30 Quart Styrofoam Cooler

The 30 Quart Styrofoam Cooler boasts internal dimensions of 14¼ x 11¼ x 9 inches, resulting in a volume of 0.85 cubic feet. Its exterior dimensions are 17¾ x 14¾ x 12¾ inches, and it features a wall thickness of 1.25 inches for reliable insulation. This size is a popular choice for various applications, including outdoor activities, picnics, and small-scale transportation of perishable items.

DIY Aspects of Styrofoam Coolers

Styrofoam Cooler Size

Styrofoam coolers are not just for storing and transporting items; they can also be repurposed for various DIY projects. Here are some creative ideas to inspire your next DIY endeavor:

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Transform a Styrofoam cooler into a thriving herb garden. Start by drilling drainage holes in the bottom of the cooler, then add a layer of gravel for improved drainage. Fill the cooler with potting soil and plant your desired herbs. This DIY project allows you to enjoy fresh, homegrown herbs for your culinary creations.

Create a Cold Box for Camping

Turn a Styrofoam cooler into a makeshift refrigerator for your camping trips. Line the interior of the cooler with a reflective material, such as aluminum foil, to enhance the insulation properties. This DIY cold box can help keep your food and beverages chilled during your outdoor adventures.

Insulate a Shed or Small Building

Styrofoam cooler panels can be repurposed to provide additional insulation for a shed or small building. Measure the walls and cut the Styrofoam panels to fit snugly, then secure them in place. This simple DIY project can help improve the energy efficiency and temperature regulation of your space.

Remember, when working with Styrofoam, always prioritize safety and follow proper handling guidelines to ensure a successful and enjoyable DIY experience.

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