What is Mitsubishi Auto Mode?

Mitsubishi Auto Mode is a feature in Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps that allows the unit to automatically adjust itself between heating and cooling modes to maintain the set temperature. This mode is designed to make it easier for users to operate the heat pump without having to manually switch between heating and cooling modes.

Understanding Mitsubishi Auto Mode

Automatic Temperature Adjustment

When the unit is in Auto Mode, it will detect the current temperature and adjust itself to keep this temperature. This is different from the Cool Mode, which is used during warmer months to bring cooler air into the home or space, and the Heat Mode, which supplies warm air during cooler months.

Economical Cooling Mode

The Auto Mode is also different from the Economical Cooling mode, which is a more economical way to cool the home by moving or swinging the vents to create a natural airflow or a breeze effect.

Automatic Fan Speed Adjustment

In Auto Mode, the fan speed is automatically selected to get the room to the set temperature and then adjusted to maintain the room temperature. For example, when the unit is first turned on, the fan speed will be automatically set at a high level to get the room to the set temperature quickly. Once the set temperature is achieved, the fan speed will drop back to a lower level to maintain the temperature.

Changing the Mode

To change the mode setting on your Mitsubishi Electric heat pump control, you can press the mode button or symbol until you get to the right setting. The modes will change in a specific sequence, so you can keep pressing the mode button until you reach your chosen setting or mode.

Benefits of Using Mitsubishi Auto Mode

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Energy Efficiency

It is recommended to use the Auto Mode during both summer and winter to help your heat pump run more economically and save on electricity costs. During winter, the recommended temperature setting is between 20-22 degrees, while during summer, the most economical temperature to set is around the 20 degrees mark.


Mitsubishi Auto Mode is a convenient feature that allows the heat pump to automatically adjust itself between heating and cooling modes to maintain the set temperature, making it easier for users to operate the heat pump.

Technical Specifications and Functionality

Temperature Sensing

The Mitsubishi Auto Mode feature utilizes advanced temperature sensing technology to accurately detect the current room temperature. This information is then used to automatically adjust the heat pump’s operation to maintain the desired set temperature.

Heating and Cooling Modes

The heat pump’s internal algorithms seamlessly transition between heating and cooling modes based on the detected temperature. This ensures the room is kept at the optimal comfort level without the need for manual mode switching.

Fan Speed Adjustment

As mentioned earlier, the fan speed is automatically adjusted to efficiently reach and maintain the set temperature. This is done by initially running the fan at a higher speed to quickly bring the room to the desired temperature, and then lowering the speed to a more energy-efficient level once the target is reached.

Compressor Control

The Mitsubishi Auto Mode also intelligently controls the heat pump’s compressor to optimize energy usage. The compressor speed is adjusted based on the heating or cooling demand, ensuring the system operates at the most efficient level.

Airflow Direction

In addition to fan speed and mode adjustments, the Mitsubishi Auto Mode can also control the airflow direction to ensure even temperature distribution throughout the room. This is achieved through the use of motorized louvers or vanes that can be programmed to swing or adjust the airflow as needed.

Humidity Control

Some Mitsubishi heat pump models with the Auto Mode feature also have the capability to monitor and adjust the room’s humidity levels. This helps maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, especially during periods of high or low humidity.

Energy-Saving Algorithms

The Mitsubishi Auto Mode is designed with advanced energy-saving algorithms that continuously optimize the heat pump’s performance. This includes features like adaptive defrost control, which minimizes energy consumption during the defrosting process.

Remote Control Integration

The Auto Mode can be easily accessed and controlled through the heat pump’s remote control or mobile app. This allows users to conveniently adjust the settings and monitor the system’s performance from anywhere in the home.


Mitsubishi Auto Mode is a highly advanced and convenient feature that simplifies the operation of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps. By automatically adjusting between heating and cooling modes, as well as optimizing fan speeds, airflow, and energy usage, the Auto Mode ensures maximum comfort and efficiency for the user. With its technical sophistication and user-friendly controls, Mitsubishi Auto Mode is a valuable asset for any home or commercial space equipped with a Mitsubishi heat pump.