What is PANASONIC Auto mode?

Panasonic’s Intelligent Auto Mode, also known as iA or Auto mode, is a powerful feature found in many of the company’s cameras that allows users to capture stunning images with minimal effort. This mode utilizes a combination of advanced technologies to automatically optimize camera settings, enabling even novice photographers to take professional-quality photos with ease.

Face Detection and Intelligent Scene Selector

At the heart of Intelligent Auto Mode is Panasonic’s advanced face detection technology. This feature allows the camera to intelligently identify and focus on the subject’s face, ensuring sharp, well-exposed portraits. The Intelligent Scene Selector takes this one step further by analyzing the scene and automatically selecting the appropriate shooting mode, be it portrait, landscape, macro, night, or night portrait.

Scene Mode Description
Portrait Optimizes settings for capturing flattering portraits with a soft, blurred background.
Landscape Enhances the details and depth of landscape scenes, emphasizing the expansive environment.
Macro Adjusts the focus and exposure to capture intricate close-up details of small subjects.
Night Scenery Adjusts the camera’s sensitivity and shutter speed to capture stunning low-light scenes without blur.
Night Portrait Combines the portrait and night scenery modes to capture well-exposed portraits in dimly lit environments.

By seamlessly transitioning between these scene modes, Intelligent Auto Mode ensures that your images are always optimized for the subject and lighting conditions.

Mega O.I.S. and Intelligent ISO

What is PANASONIC  Auto modeImage source: Panasonic Ac by Dinkun Chen

In addition to the scene-detecting capabilities, Intelligent Auto Mode also incorporates Panasonic’s Mega Optical Image Stabilization (Mega O.I.S.) and Intelligent ISO Control technologies. Mega O.I.S. actively compensates for camera shake, allowing for sharper images, even in handheld situations. Intelligent ISO Control, on the other hand, automatically adjusts the camera’s sensitivity to maintain optimal exposure, particularly when capturing moving subjects.

Automatic White Balance and Exposure

Intelligent Auto Mode also takes care of the fundamental camera settings, such as white balance and exposure. The camera’s advanced algorithms analyze the scene and automatically adjust these parameters to ensure accurate color representation and well-exposed images, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Continuous Auto Focus and Subject Tracking

To keep up with dynamic scenes, Intelligent Auto Mode employs continuous autofocus and subject tracking capabilities. This allows the camera to maintain sharp focus on moving subjects, ensuring that your action shots and candid moments are captured with precision.

Customization and Manual Control

While Intelligent Auto Mode is designed for effortless point-and-shoot photography, Panasonic’s cameras also offer the flexibility to customize settings and switch to manual control for more advanced users. This allows photographers to fine-tune their images and explore their creative vision while still benefiting from the camera’s intelligent automation features.


Panasonic’s Intelligent Auto Mode is a powerful tool that empowers photographers of all skill levels to capture stunning images with ease. By leveraging a suite of advanced technologies, this mode automatically optimizes camera settings to match the subject and environment, ensuring consistently great results. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Intelligent Auto Mode is a valuable feature that can help you take your photography to new heights.