Where are Fujitsu AC Units Made?

Fujitsu air conditioners are manufactured in various locations around the world, including Japan, China, Thailand, and North America. The company has a rich history in the HVAC industry, tracing its roots back to 1936 when it was established as Yaou Shoten Ltd. Over the years, Fujitsu has expanded its manufacturing operations globally, establishing subsidiaries and partnerships to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

Fujitsu’s Global Manufacturing Footprint

Fujitsu’s manufacturing operations are spread across several countries, each with its own unique capabilities and specializations:

  1. Japan: Fujitsu’s headquarters are located in Japan, and the company maintains a strong manufacturing presence in the country. The Japanese facilities are known for their advanced production techniques, strict quality control, and innovative product development.

  2. China: Fujitsu has established a subsidiary in China to manufacture, market, and service its VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) air conditioning systems. The FUJITSU ASYG 12LLCB model, for example, is produced in China, as mentioned in a Whirlpool forum post from 2013.

  3. Thailand: Fujitsu has a manufacturing facility in Thailand, which produces a range of air conditioning units, including split systems and multi-split systems. The Thai plant leverages the country’s skilled workforce and competitive manufacturing costs to deliver high-quality products.

  4. North America: Fujitsu has partnered with Rheem, a leading U.S. HVAC manufacturer, to develop and market new HVAC systems in the North American market. This collaboration has resulted in the introduction of energy-efficient, quiet, and technologically advanced air conditioning units that cater to the specific needs of the North American consumer.

Technical Specifications of Fujitsu-Rheem HVAC Systems

where are Fujitsu ac units madeImage source: Fujitsu AC by Dinkun Chen

The HVAC systems developed through the Fujitsu-Rheem partnership offer a range of advanced features and specifications:

Specification Details
Maximum Capacity 4 tons (13.6 kW)
Airflow Control System Designed to deliver an optimum level of airflow indoors for greater comfort
Indoor Unit Sound Level As low as 24 dB(A)
Outdoor Unit Sound Level As low as 53 dB(A)
Airflow Direction Indoor units can be set to blow air upward, downward, right, or left, depending on the installation location

These technical specifications highlight Fujitsu’s commitment to developing energy-efficient, quiet, and versatile HVAC systems that cater to the diverse needs of the North American market.

Fujitsu’s Manufacturing Partnerships and Subsidiaries

Fujitsu’s global expansion and manufacturing operations are not limited to its own facilities. The company has also established strategic partnerships and subsidiaries to further strengthen its presence in various regions:

  1. Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd.: This subsidiary is responsible for manufacturing and distributing Fujitsu air conditioning units in Thailand and surrounding Southeast Asian countries.

  2. Fujitsu General (China) Co., Ltd.: Fujitsu’s Chinese subsidiary is dedicated to the production, marketing, and servicing of VRF air conditioning systems in the Chinese market.

  3. Fujitsu General America, Inc.: This subsidiary is responsible for the sales, marketing, and distribution of Fujitsu HVAC products in the United States and Canada, including the Fujitsu-Rheem co-developed systems.

These partnerships and subsidiaries allow Fujitsu to leverage local expertise, resources, and market knowledge to deliver high-quality air conditioning solutions tailored to the specific needs of each region.


Fujitsu’s global manufacturing footprint is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing its customers with innovative and reliable air conditioning solutions. By leveraging its expertise, advanced production techniques, and strategic partnerships, Fujitsu is able to manufacture air conditioning units in various locations around the world, ensuring that its products meet the diverse needs of consumers globally.

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