Where are MRCOOL AC Units Made?

MRCOOL air conditioners are designed, created, and manufactured by MRCOOL, an American company based in Kentucky, USA. However, the physical components of the units are made in Asia. MRCOOL’s mission is to provide Energy Efficient technology for heating and cooling multiple rooms without the high cost associated with legacy appliance brands and installation. They offer true Do-It-Yourself HVAC systems, which they patented in late 2011.

MRCOOL’s Headquarters and Manufacturing Process

MRCOOL’s headquarters and warehouse are located in Kentucky, USA, where they plan, design, and ship their products. The company’s manufacturing process involves a collaboration between their American headquarters and their Asian component suppliers.

Planning and Design in Kentucky, USA

At their Kentucky headquarters, the MRCOOL team is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Product Planning: The MRCOOL engineers and designers work together to develop new air conditioning models and features that cater to the needs of their customers. They analyze market trends, customer feedback, and industry standards to identify areas for improvement and innovation.

  2. Product Design: The design team at MRCOOL creates the detailed schematics and specifications for each air conditioning unit. They use advanced CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software to ensure the units meet strict quality and performance standards.

  3. Prototyping and Testing: Before finalizing the design, MRCOOL engineers build prototypes and subject them to rigorous testing. This includes evaluating the units’ energy efficiency, cooling capacity, noise levels, and overall durability.

  4. Supply Chain Management: The MRCOOL team works closely with their Asian component suppliers to ensure a steady and reliable supply of parts. They negotiate contracts, manage logistics, and monitor quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Component Manufacturing in Asia

While the planning, design, and overall manufacturing oversight are handled in Kentucky, the physical components of MRCOOL air conditioners are produced in Asia. This includes the following key components:

  1. Compressors: The heart of the air conditioning system, the compressors, are sourced from leading manufacturers in Asia, such as Mitsubishi and Daikin.

  2. Heat Exchangers: The heat exchangers, responsible for transferring heat, are produced by specialized Asian manufacturers with expertise in this critical component.

  3. Fans and Motors: The fans and motors that circulate the air are also sourced from Asian suppliers with a proven track record of quality and reliability.

  4. Electronic Controls: The advanced electronic controls that manage the air conditioning unit’s operation are manufactured by Asian electronics companies with a focus on energy-efficient technology.

  5. Refrigerant Lines and Fittings: The copper tubing, valves, and fittings that make up the refrigerant system are produced by Asian manufacturers with strict quality standards.

Shipping and Final Assembly

Once the components are manufactured in Asia, they are shipped to MRCOOL’s Kentucky warehouse. The final assembly of the air conditioning units is then performed at the Kentucky facility, where the components are carefully integrated and tested to ensure optimal performance.

MRCOOL’s Product Range and Energy Efficiency

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MRCOOL offers a wide range of air conditioning products, including:

  • Mini Splits
  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Furnaces

These products are known for their energy-efficient technology, which aligns with MRCOOL’s mission to provide affordable and eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions. The company’s commitment to innovation has led to the development of several patented technologies, such as their true Do-It-Yourself HVAC systems.


In summary, while MRCOOL is an American company, the physical components of their air conditioners are manufactured in Asia. However, the company’s headquarters and warehouse are located in Kentucky, USA, where they plan, design, and oversee the final assembly of their products. MRCOOL’s focus on energy-efficient technology and affordable heating and cooling solutions has made them a popular choice among consumers.

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