Where are YORK AC Units Made?

YORK air conditioning (AC) units are designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States. Specifically, YORK residential units are made in Norman, Oklahoma, and Wichita, Kansas. The company is one of the few HVAC brands that boasts the “Made In USA” label on their equipment. YORK offers high-quality and budget-friendly HVAC equipment, along with good warranties, including a 10-year limited warranty on parts and a 1-year labor warranty.

YORK Manufacturing Facilities

YORK’s manufacturing facilities in the United States are located in the following cities:

  1. Norman, Oklahoma: This facility is responsible for the production of YORK’s residential AC units. The Norman plant utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality standards.
  2. Wichita, Kansas: The Wichita plant is dedicated to the assembly of YORK’s commercial HVAC systems. This facility employs a skilled workforce and implements rigorous quality control measures to meet the demands of the commercial market.

YORK’s Commitment to American Manufacturing

where are YORK ac units made

YORK’s dedication to American manufacturing is a point of pride for the company. By producing their equipment in the United States, YORK is able to maintain strict quality control, reduce transportation costs, and support the local economy. This commitment to domestic production is reflected in the “Made In USA” label prominently displayed on YORK’s HVAC units.

YORK’s Innovative Technologies

YORK HVAC systems incorporate cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency, performance, and user experience. Some of the key innovations found in YORK’s products include:

  1. Electronically Communicating Motors (ECM): YORK’s ECM technology allows their HVAC units to run at variable speeds, adjusting the output to match the specific cooling or heating needs of the home or building. This results in improved energy efficiency and more precise temperature control.
  2. ClimaSet Technology: YORK’s ClimaSet technology automatically adjusts the system’s output to maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels, ensuring optimal comfort and energy savings.
  3. Affinity, LX, and TC Series: YORK’s product line is divided into three distinct series, each catering to different customer needs and budgets:
  4. Affinity Series: The premium line, offering the latest technologies and features for maximum energy efficiency and performance.
  5. LX Series: The mid-range option, providing a balance of features, efficiency, and affordability.
  6. TC Series: The entry-level series, designed to offer reliable and budget-friendly HVAC solutions.

YORK’s Warranty and Customer Support

YORK’s commitment to quality is further demonstrated by their comprehensive warranty offerings. All YORK HVAC units come with the following warranties:

  • 10-year Limited Warranty on Parts: YORK stands behind the quality of their equipment by providing a 10-year limited warranty on all major components.
  • 1-year Labor Warranty: YORK also offers a 1-year labor warranty, ensuring that any necessary repairs or maintenance are covered by the manufacturer.

In addition to their robust warranty program, YORK provides excellent customer support through their network of authorized dealers and service technicians. Homeowners and building owners can rely on YORK’s expertise and responsiveness to address any HVAC-related concerns.


YORK’s commitment to American manufacturing, innovative technologies, and customer-centric approach have made them a trusted name in the HVAC industry. By producing their residential and commercial HVAC units in the United States, YORK ensures quality, reliability, and a dedication to supporting the local economy. With a focus on energy efficiency, advanced features, and comprehensive warranties, YORK continues to be a popular choice for homeowners and commercial property owners alike.

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