How Much Does Daikin Air Conditioner Cost?

The cost of a Daikin air conditioner can vary greatly depending on the specific model, its efficiency rating, and the installation difficulty. On average, homeowners spend approximately $4,200 for a new installed Daikin air conditioner, ranging between $3,100 and $5,300. This price includes the unit, installation, old furnace removal, and labor.

Daikin Central Air Conditioner Costs

When it comes to Daikin central air conditioners, the costs can be broken down as follows:

DX6VS (17.2 SEER2)

  • Cost Range: $3,600 to $5,500
  • This model features a 17.2 SEER2 rating, making it a highly efficient option. The compressor is a variable-speed scroll compressor, which helps to maintain consistent temperatures and reduce energy consumption.


  • Cost Range: $3,700 to $5,300
  • The DX17VSS has an 18 SEER rating, providing excellent energy efficiency. It utilizes a variable-speed compressor and a multi-stage fan, allowing for precise temperature control and reduced energy usage.

DX20VC (24.5 SEER)

  • Cost Range: $3,600 to $6,100
  • As the top-of-the-line Daikin central air conditioner, the DX20VC boasts an impressive 24.5 SEER rating. This model features a variable-speed compressor and a multi-stage fan, ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort.

DX9VC (22.5 SEER2)

  • Cost Range: $4,000 to $6,200
  • The DX9VC is a high-efficiency unit with a 22.5 SEER2 rating. It utilizes a variable-speed compressor and a multi-stage fan to provide precise temperature control and energy savings.

DX18TC (19 SEER)

  • Cost Range: $3,800 to $5,500
  • The DX18TC is a reliable and efficient option with a 19 SEER rating. It features a two-stage compressor and a multi-stage fan, allowing for improved comfort and energy savings.

It’s important to note that these costs are for the central air conditioner units themselves and typically require professional installation. For those interested in a DIY installation, it’s crucial to consider the additional costs and challenges associated with such a project.

Factors Affecting Daikin Air Conditioner Costs

how much does daikin air conditioner costImage source: Daikin Air Conditioner Outdoor by Dinkun Chen

Several factors can influence the final cost of a Daikin air conditioner, including:

  1. Unit Size: Larger homes will require larger air conditioning units, which generally cost more.
  2. SEER Rating: Higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings indicate more efficient units, which typically come with a higher price tag.
  3. Installation Complexity: The complexity of the installation, such as the need for ductwork modifications or electrical upgrades, can impact the overall cost.
  4. Labor Costs: The cost of labor for the installation can vary depending on the location, the contractor’s experience, and the scope of the project.
  5. Existing System Condition: If the existing HVAC system is in poor condition or requires significant repairs, the overall cost of the project may increase.
  6. Warranty and Maintenance: Longer warranties and comprehensive maintenance plans can add to the initial cost but may provide long-term savings.

Potential Energy Savings

When purchasing a new Daikin air conditioner, homeowners should consider the potential savings in utility bills from upgrading to a more efficient unit. While the savings might be small when switching to a slightly more efficient unit, the difference will be more noticeable when upgrading from an old, inefficient unit to a top-of-the-line, high-efficiency unit.

For example, upgrading from a 10 SEER unit to a 24.5 SEER unit (such as the Daikin DX20VC) can result in significant energy savings over the lifetime of the system. These savings can help offset the higher initial cost of the more efficient unit.


In summary, the cost of a Daikin air conditioner can range from $3,100 to $5,300, including installation. However, the specific model and installation difficulty can significantly impact the final cost. It’s essential to budget for all aspects of the project and consider potential savings in utility bills when upgrading to a more efficient unit.


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