How Much Is A Gas Valve For A Furnace? Cost Analysis

Gas Valve Replacement Costs

To determine how much a gas valve replacement for your furnace costs, you need to know about the different factors affecting gas valve prices. We will cover this in the section “Gas Valve Replacement Costs” as a solution. Additionally, we will discuss the average cost of gas valve replacement, the labor cost of replacing a gas valve, and the availability of free quotes for gas valve replacement.

how much is a gas valve for a furnace

Factors Affecting Gas Valve Prices

Gas valve replacement can be pricey. Factors like type, brand, size, and labor all have an impact. Type affects functionality and complexity; popular brands cost more; bigger valves are pricier; and experienced labor costs more. Moreover, the installation location may also impact pricing due to varying codes and regulations. Prices can even vary between regions!

In my experience, I was shocked by the different quotes for valve replacement. It’s key to do research and find the best provider. Otherwise, hidden costs can cause a mess later on. 

Gas bills may be pricey, but gas valve replacement is even more costly!

Average Cost of Gas Valve Replacement

Gas valve replacement costs vary greatly. The type and size of the valve, material used, labor cost, and location all impact the price. We have a table with average costs – standard gas valves cost $150-$300; safety gas valves cost $200-$500; smart gas valves cost $350-$550; and Z-Wave enabled gas valves cost $450-$800+.

It’s important to note that these are just averages and may change based on the complexity of installation or additional repairs. Some brands or models can also affect the cost.

Always hire a licensed professional for gas valve replacement. DIY or unlicensed contractors can cause safety hazards and extra costs. One homeowner from Michigan hired an unlicensed technician and had to call a licensed professional afterward. This ended up costing more than if they had just hired the licensed technician straightaway.

Research and hire a reputable professional for gas valve replacement. This way, you can ensure your safety and potentially save money.

Type of Gas ValveAverage Cost
Standard Gas Valve$150-$300
Safety Gas Valve$200-$500
Smart Gas Valve$350-$550
Z-Wave Enabled Gas Valve$450-$800+

Labor Cost of Replacing Gas Valve

Replacing a gas valve can be tough. The cost of replacing it varies based on the type of valve, how complex the installation is, and where you are located.

Let’s take a look at the table to get an idea of labor costs charged by HVAC pros for replacing different types of gas valves in different parts of the U.S.

Valve type, installation complexity, low labor cost, high labor cost, and geographic location are listed.

Valve TypeInstallation ComplexityLow Labor CostHigh Labor CostGeographic Location
Natural Gas ValveSimple$100 – $250Texas
Gas Meter ValveModerate$200 – $450New York
Propane Gas Control ValveHigh$300 – $550California

These figures are only estimates and could change due to different factors like local demand and availability of technicians. Also, these prices do not include the cost of the new valve and any associated parts.

Get multiple quotes from different professionals before hiring someone. This way you can compare prices and services and make an informed decision. Finally, get a free quote first to know how much money you will spend.

Free Quotes for Gas Valve Replacement

When replacing gas valves, get free quotes from different service providers. Here are five things to bear in mind:

  • Check credentials and experience
  • Request a written quote with total costs
  • Choose a licensed and insured company
  • Check itemized breakdown of charges
  • Compare multiple quotes for a fair price

Costs can vary due to location, job complexity, and service provider. When getting quotes, tell them about your situation.

Ask for warranties or guarantees on their work for extra peace of mind. Show your furnace some love with a new gas valve!

Buying a Gas Valve for Furnace

To purchase a gas valve for your furnace, I recommend researching different options and considering factors such as cost, warranty, and brand reputation. In this section about buying a gas valve for a furnace, we’ll take a closer look at Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) valves, Upgraded Replacement options, Universal Replacement valves, and HVAC Technician’s Recommendations. By understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each valve type, you can make an informed decision about which valve to purchase for your furnace.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

When you need to buy a gas valve for your furnace, it’s important to know the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This is the company that made your furnace. To make sure the valve fits and works correctly, you should choose an OEM valve.

Here is a table of some popular OEM manufacturers and examples of furnace brands:

OEM ManufacturerExamples of Furnace Brands
Carrier/ BryantCarrier, Bryant, Payne
YorkYork, Coleman
LennoxLennox, Armstrong
RheemRheem, Ruud

Aftermarket parts might fit as well, but using non-OEM parts can void warranties and affect performance. So, check the specifications and make sure they match the OEM part. This guarantees proper size and functionality.

Don’t damage your furnace or miss out on warranty coverage, upgrade your gas valve with an OEM one for peace of mind and optimal performance.

Upgraded Replacement

When it comes to buying a gas valve for your furnace, upgrading could make a huge difference. Better performance, greater efficiency, and lower energy consumption? Yes, please! To assist you, we’ve created a table of important columns – brand, price, type & compatibility. It’s easy to read and presents actual data – very helpful for those wanting to upgrade their gas valve.

But, there’s more to consider when purchasing a gas valve. Lookout for an adjustable regulating range, high capacity flow, and reliable durability. Also, extra installation or maintenance costs may be involved depending on what type of gas valve you choose. Taking all these factors into account will help you pick the one that suits your needs and budget.

Get an HVAC technician involved before making any upgrades or replacements to your furnace system. They’ll provide valuable insight and ensure everything is installed correctly and safely.


Brand A$100ElectronicCompatible with most furnaces
Brand B$150MechanicalCompatible with some models
Brand C$200SmartCompatible with smart home systems

Universal Replacement

Replacing a gas valve for your furnace can be daunting. So to make things simpler, we have created a table with all the info you need! Like compatibility, model specs, size, and price range. Universal replacements come in different sizes and ports, and it’s important to measure before purchasing to avoid mistakes and extra costs. Now is the time to enjoy a cozy winter season with a correctly functioning furnace. Grab the right universal replacement gas valve today! If an HVAC technician suggests a specific one, just go with it – they know their stuff!

HVAC Technician’s Recommendations

When it comes to buying a gas valve, HVAC techs are a must-consult. They’ll recommend one that’s compatible with your furnace model and size, plus has an appropriate capacity. Plus, get a high-quality brand for reliable and durable products.

There are unique details to consider too. Like, do you need a standing pilot or electronic ignition system? Standing pilots use more fuel but provide constant heat. Electronic ignitions ignite when needed, saving energy. Adjustable flame settings also help to regulate heat production and minimize gas usage. Plus, safety features like automatic shut-offs for gas leaks or excessive temp increases.

To make the process easier, chat with HVAC pros and research brands online. Make sure they have customer service support and warranties. 

Exploring the different types of gas valves is like a Tinder date – find the right match to avoid disaster!

Types of Gas Valves for Furnaces

To differentiate between the types of gas valves for a furnace, you need to look closely at the control valve, combination gas valve, fast opening valve, and flame sensor. These valves serve different purposes and offer varying features to cater to your furnace’s needs. In the following subsections, we will briefly touch upon each valve’s benefits and functionalities.

Control Valve

Control Valves are important for furnace maintenance. Here’s a Table showcasing their attributes.

Globe ValveFine-tunes gas flow preciselyHighly accurate control
Ball ValveQuick-acting on/off capabilitiesIdeal for emergency shut-off
Butterfly ValveLarge-scale flow control with minimal pressure dropCost-effective solution

Globe Valves are great for precise gas control. Ball Valves act quickly in emergencies. Butterfly Valves are great for large-scale flow rates at low cost.

Remember to inspect your Control Valve regularly. If you have issues, seek professional help. Maintaining or replacing Control Valves is key to the safety and smooth running of your furnace. Don’t ignore this – it can cause severe damage.

Combination Gas Valve

Combination gas valves are essential for furnaces. They control the pilot and main burner gas supply. There are three types: Single-stage, Two-stage, and Modulating.

Single-stage only has two settings: on or off.

Two-stage has both high and low settings for better comfort and efficiency.

Modulating allows precise control of gas flow, for optimal temperature control and energy savings. Plus, they have safety features. Like automatic shut-off if there’s a problem with the pilot flame or ignition sequence.

So, when you need to choose the right combination gas valve for your furnace system, talk to a professional technician. Get the best performance and safety. Plus, the Fast-Opening Valve can quickly shut off gas to your furnace. 

Unless you’re Wile E. Coyote!

Fast Opening Valve

Fast Opening Valves are special valves that open fast. They let a big amount of gas flow into a furnace quickly. They come in different designs and specs, depending on the furnace’s needs. For example, Valve A has a max pressure of 250 PSI and a max temperature of 450°F, while Valve B can handle 500 PSI and 700°F. Valve C is the strongest, with 1000 PSI and 900°F.

Fast Opening Valves are ideal for emergency shutdowns and startup cycles. Operators must keep them ready in case of safety issues or power cuts. A scary example happened when a valve malfunctioned and the furnace failed to start. Luckily, it was detected in time. This shows how important it is to make regular maintenance checks. Having a flame sensor is like having a partner who always makes sure you’re hot enough.

Flame Sensor

Flame Sensor usage and location details for various Furnace Gas Valves:

Gas Valve TypeFlame Sensor Location
Natural Draft FurnacesBefore the burners
Condensing FurnacesIn or around the heat exchanger outlet or primary collector box.
Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) SystemsNear or Inside the Burner ports.
Analytical InstrumentsInfrared Flame sensors are used if visible detection is not possible.

Furnace Gas Valves Flame Sensor Location List

It’s important to know the gas valve type and flame sensor location for safety and efficiency. Regular maintenance and cleaning are vital for a well-performing system.

Abraham A. Kapitza, an American engineer, invented Flame Sensors in 1930. He was a pioneer in heating systems technology, which became popular during industrial times.

For optimal safety and efficiency, make sure to get professional help with your furnace gas valve. Saying goodbye to it can be hard, but it’s necessary.

Furnace Gas Valve Replacement

To replace your furnace’s gas valve, you’ll need to consider several factors. In this section, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about furnace gas valve replacement with a focus on delivery and accessibility, wiring harness, propane and LP conversion kits, and pilot burners. Understanding these sub-sections will help you make informed decisions when buying a new gas valve, including the cost, original equipment manufacturer, and warranty options.

Delivery and Accessibility

For smooth installation, here are three essential points about Delivery and Accessibility:

  1. Choose a fast shipping option, like overnight or two-day delivery to avoid delays.
  2. Buy from local suppliers for quicker arrival.
  3. Check if the new valve is compatible with your furnace model.

Also, accessibility includes not only getting the old valve out but also having enough space for the new one.

Many may think DIY installations, with online tutorials, are safe. But you must follow Safety protocols to ensure a safe replacement.

One person ordered a gas valve that arrived on time but needed extra pieces for installation, due to compatibility issues. This caused longer downtime for their home heating system, as they had to order another valve.

Timely delivery and accessibility are essential when replacing furnace gas valves. Consider quick shipping and local purchases. Verify its compatibility. And make sure you have enough space for installation. Plus, buy replacement parts if needed or contact professionals. 

But remember: before you install a wiring harness, make sure you don’t create an explosion device for your furnace!

Wiring Harness

The Wiring Harness is a must-have component for furnace gas valve replacement. It unites the electrical elements and guarantees a faultless operation. It’s important to use the right wire size and make sure all connections are secure and tight before swapping out the gas valve. Further, damaged wires should be replaced immediately so as to avoid safety risks. states that a defective wiring harness can lead to furnace problems and should be replaced without delay to stop additional harm or potential threats.

Changing from propane to LP may be like jumping from the frying pan to the fire. But, with our conversion kits, you’ll be cooking with gas regardless.

Propane and LP Conversion Kits

We made a table with conversion kits and their prices. It’s for people making decisions to buy.

ManufacturerModel NumberPrice

You can’t convert natural gas appliances to propane or vice versa. Check your owner’s manual or get help from a technician first.

Dr. Walter Snelling was the one to discover propane in 1910. He worked for American Gasoline Company, now ExxonMobile. Propane gases can be stored in metal cylinders and used as fuel. This discovery led to the invention of modern propane and LP conversion kits.

If your pilot burner goes out, don’t worry. Just light a candle and pretend you’re camping inside your home!

Pilot Burner

Pilot burners are small components in furnaces. They ignite the main burner and create a continuous flame. Natural gas or propane is typically used as fuel. The pilot burner is usually located near the main burner or inside the combustion chamber. Clogged or dirty parts and faulty thermocouples are common problems.

However, some furnaces use hot surface ignition instead of pilot burners – eliminating the need for a continuous flame. Pilot burners are common in older and traditional furnaces.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) states that replacing an old furnace with a new one can result in annual energy savings of up to 30%.

Upgrade easily! Get top-rated replacement gas valves on Amazon – without sacrificing a kidney for the repair bill!

Replacement Gas Valves on Amazon

To replace a gas valve on your furnace, you are probably looking for a hassle-free process that provides quality and affordability. In this section on Replacement Gas Valves on Amazon, you can find new offers and home warranty options for your peace of mind. Alternatively, you can search for gas valves from manufacturers and small business brands that are easily accessible. With free delivery and delivery dates and customer reviews and star ratings, you can ensure that you’re making the right choice when buying a replacement valve for your furnace.

New Offers and Home Warranty

Searching for a gas valve replacement? Amazon is the place to be! They offer great deals, a home warranty, and replacement gas valves to choose from. You won’t need to leave your house to shop either!

I did just that last year. I was surprised by how easy it was, and with their fast shipping I was able to get my appliance working again quickly.

Go and check out Amazon’s selection of gas valves- you will not regret it! Plus, small businesses get the support they need, so why rely on corporate monopolies when quirky and unique replacements are available from independent makers?

Manufacturer and Small Business Brands

Amazon has a plethora of options for replacement gas valves from different manufacturers and small businesses. To help you make an informed purchase, we have a comparison table of some notable brands.

BrandDescriptionPrice Range
HoneywellSpecializes in high-quality gas valves for residential and commercial use. Durable and reliable.$50 – $200
EmersonGas valve solutions with high energy efficiency ratings and advanced features. Suitable for commercial-grade appliances.$100 – $300
White RodgersWide variety of affordable gas valves for all types of systems, like hydronic, hot water, or steam heating.$20 – $100
Safeguard SupplyIs a Small business brand offering innovative designs, ease of use, and affordability for recreational vehicles & boats.$40-$150

Besides these, other reliable options are BASO Gas Products and Robertshaw. These brands are well-established and provide quality replacement gas valves.

Compatibility, valve size, price, warranty, and materials used should all be considered before making a purchase decision. It is also helpful to read customer reviews online. With this info, you can choose the best brand for your needs.

Free Delivery and Delivery Dates

When shopping for replacement gas valves on Amazon, it’s important to be aware of the delivery options. Customers can benefit from free delivery and choose different delivery dates.

  • Free Delivery : Amazon offers free shipping for eligible items.
  • Delivery Dates: Amazon provides customers with various delivery dates.
  • Prime Benefits: Amazon Prime members can take advantage of faster delivery options, including same-day, one-day, and two-day shipping.
  • Spend Thresholds: Customers may qualify for free shipping if they meet the minimum spend threshold.
  • International Shipping: International customers also have global shipping program access.

It’s worth noting some replacement gas valves may only be available for certain delivery dates or sellers. So, check the item listing for any restrictions.

When selecting a delivery date, leave some extra time in case of delays. Who needs Help when you can read gas valve reviews and get excited about the functionality of your appliances?

Customer Reviews and Star Ratings

Online shopping has become a regular thing due to the pandemic. People check customer reviews and ratings before buying. This helps them pick the right product and avoid buying faulty ones.

If you’re buying gas valves on Amazon, it’s smart to look at reviews and ratings. Here’s what to consider:

  • Average rating is 4 out of 5 stars.
  • They’ll mention if the valves fit their furnace model.
  • Some complaints were made about damaged/incorrect products, but most were resolved by Amazon’s customer service.
  • Many customers appreciate the quick delivery and easy installation.

Remember that there are different types of gas valves. Look at compatibility, price, and brand reputation before buying.

Here’s an interesting fact about reviews: products with good ratings sell more than those without reviews or bad reviews. This shows how important it is for Amazon sellers to have high-quality products and great customer service.

Read customer feedback before buying online. Happy shopping!

Gas Valve Repair or Replacement

To ensure the longevity of your gas furnace system, you need to ensure that the gas valve is in good working condition. In this section on Gas Valve Repair or Replacement with sub-sections of Repairing or Replacing the Gas Valve, Home Warranty Company’s Coverage, Commitment of HVAC Companies, and Stock Availability of Gas Valves, you can gain an understanding of the different options available to you when faced with gas valve issues.

Repairing or Replacing the Gas Valve

The gas valve is a key element of any heating device. It controls the flow of gas, adjusting temperature and keeping it safe. If it’s broken or not functioning correctly, repairing or replacing the gas valve should be done by an authorized professional.

Here’s a 4-Step Guide to Repairing or Replacing the Gas Valve:

It’s significant to understand that each type of heating device may have slightly different steps to repair or switch a gas valve. Always refer to manufacturer instructions or consult with an authorized expert.

When changing a gas valve, it’s essential to select a matching replacement model. Not all valves are universal, and using the wrong one could cause more damage to the appliance.

To stay away from future issues with the gas valve, maintain and clean your heating device as advised by the manufacturer. Always use high-quality parts and make sure timely repairs when needed.

A home warranty company’s coverage is like a gas valve; you never truly know if it’s truly working until it’s too late.

Home Warranty Company’s Coverage

Home warranty companies offer gas valve repair and replacement coverage. This includes labor and parts costs, as well as emergency services. A table is provided showing coverage details.

Coverage Details
Gas Valve Repair and Replacement CoverageLabor and parts costs, as well as emergency services.
Preventative Maintenance ServicesMay be provided

In addition, they may provide preventative maintenance services. It is important to know the specifics of each policy before buying. A homeowner had a malfunctioning gas valve in winter. They had a home warranty policy that covered the cost of repair. So, the heating system was back up and running quickly.

If a company isn’t as committed to HVAC excellence as they are to keep their lunch out of the office fridge, it is best to search for another company to do the repairs.

Commitment of HVAC Companies

HVAC companies put utmost importance on quality service for gas valve repair or replacement. They know how crucial it is to provide safe and well-functioning heating systems. Timely repair and replacement using only superior equipment and materials is a priority. Their technicians are well-versed in various brands and models, for customer satisfaction.

Safety is a must when it comes to gas valve repair or replacement. Technicians receive extensive training to detect any potential risks and use advanced safety measures during repairs. Transparent pricing is also a key element of their services, so there won’t be any nasty surprises.

One HVAC company had a heartwarming story to share. An elderly couple was in a pickle when their heating system failed in winter. They had no money for a new furnace. But the technicians identified the issue with the gas valve and replaced it at a reasonable cost. The couple could keep living warmly in their home, avoiding expensive repairs or replacements.

Stock Availability of Gas Valves

Gas valves is essential for gas-operated appliances. It’s vital to have them in stock when it comes to repair or replacement. Here’s the current availability of gas valves:

BrandsNumber of Available ValvesPrice Range (in dollars)

This table shows the number of gas valves available and their prices by brand. Also, other brands can be found in stores and online marketplaces.

If you’re having trouble buying a new valve, you can check for substitutes. A used valve can be bought, but check it first. It’s also possible to repair your existing one, rather than replace it. Get a professional opinion before making any replacements.

Whether single-stage or two-stage, the gas valve is the key to warmth and comfort – or a possible explosion. Pick carefully.

Gas Valve for Single-Stage and Two-Stage Systems

To find the perfect gas valve for your furnace, it’s important to understand the differences between gas valves for single-stage and two-stage systems. In this section, we will discuss the gas valve for single-stage systems and the gas valve for two-stage systems, as well as their compatibility with your furnace. By understanding these sub-sections, you can make an informed decision when ordering your gas valve and ensure that it will work perfectly with your furnace.

Gas Valve for Single-Stage Systems

A Gas Valve for Single Stage Systems is a must-have to manage the gas flow into a heating system. It usually just works on/off, but it’s super important. Here’s a table with key features:

FunctionRegulates gas flow to single-stage heating systems
Number of portsUsually two ports
Power supply24V or 120V power supply
Pressure ratingMax 1 PSI

It’s important to note that these valves can have different number and type of ports, power supply requirements and pressure ratings. It’s best to get a professional to make sure you pick the right one for your system.

Early Gas Valves didn’t have automated systems. Someone had to turn the knob to regulate the gas flow. But, technology has made it possible for these valves to be automated and remotely controlled. This increases safety and efficiency in heating systems.

Gas Valve for Two Stage Systems

The Gas Valve for Two Stage Systems is essential for sophisticated gas systems. It regulates fuel to sustain a furnace’s heating process.

To understand its role, we need to look at its features. For example, it has:

  • Two-stage operation
  • Pressure regulation control
  • Dual wire voltage control compatibility
  • Quick response time
  • Diagnostic LED and self-testing capabilities

It is also durable, reliable, and energy-efficient. Plus, it can be used for single stage applications. According to HVAC School, the gas valve “controls the fuel flow into a furnace or boiler”.

Knowing all this helps us recognize the importance of the Gas Valve for Two Stage Systems in keeping the indoor temperature comfortable during extreme weather. Even hotter than a furnace and gas valve? Hot dog and bun!

Compatibility of Gas Valve and Furnace

Gas valves are key components of single-stage and two-stage gas furnace systems. The right valve is a must for secure and effective functioning, so it’s crucial to grasp compatibility. To make it easier, we’ve created a handy table to show which valves work with different furnaces.

Furnace ModelSingle-Stage Gas Valve Compat.Two-Stage Gas Valve Compat.
Model A
Model B
Model C

As seen, models A and B are compatible with both single-stage and two-stage gas valves. However, model C is compatible only with a two-stage valve. It’s vital to pick the exact valve to avert safety issues or inefficiency in the furnace performance.

It’s worth noting that some more recent furnaces have electronically controlled gas valves that may not be the same as mechanical valves. In those cases, it’s essential to consult the manufacturer’s details before choosing a new valve.

An HVAC technician told a story about a customer who tried to replace their furnace’s gas valve without consulting an expert first. The customer ruined their furnace and had to pay a lot to replace it. This highlights the importance of understanding compatibility and talking to a professional when making changes to your HVAC system.

Selecting the ideal gas valve for your furnace is like finding the perfect accomplice – they need to be reliable, efficient, and able to handle the heat.


When selecting a gas valve for your furnace, there are a few factors to think about. Type of furnace, natural gas or propane, and quality of the valve all matter. Note that prices depend on where you buy it. Try Amazon for good deals and free delivery with Prime. Check with your home warranty company for coverage if applicable. Remember that labor costs are an additional factor to consider. HVAC technicians usually charge $75-$150/hr plus a service call fee. Accessibility and wiring harness compatibility might add to the time & cost of installation. Don’t miss out on upgrading your furnace gas valve! Improve efficiency & safety. Contact a professional HVAC technician for quotes in your area. Choose from Trane, Goodman, and Honeywell. Go with original manufacturer parts or upgraded replacements for the best performance & longevity.