How Much Is An Outdoor Wood Furnace? Beginner’s Guide

Outdoor wood furnaces are an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to heat a home. Instead of electric, oil, or gas, they can be a great option. Different sizes and features come at different prices – you can find one to suit your heating needs.

How Much Is An Outdoor Wood Furnace

Crown Royal Stoves is a popular brand. They offer wood boilers in various capacities, with thick firebox walls, shaker grates, and water jackets. The Hyprotherm Pro Series has dual fuel options, such as coal burners, corn, and pellet boilers.

Size is key. To get the right unit, you need to know how many square feet you need to heat. Also, the incoming water temperature affects how much wood you’ll need to burn.

Water storage capacity is important too. Homes that need more hot water per minute need bigger boilers. Heat exchanger units like Plate Exchangers or Central Boiler models let you connect indoors with minimal installation costs.

Where you put the boiler matters. Make sure it’s far away from other structures and trees, so it gets enough air.

Lastly, prices. Research average prices from trusted local dealers and get warranties. You may need a lower BTU unit for hotter regions, or a higher efficiency furnace if you want underground piping.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Outdoor wood furnaces are popular for heating homes, hot tubs, and water heating. The cost of an outdoor wood furnace depends on several factors including:

  • Size, material, brand, heating capacity, and water capacity all affect the cost.
  • The fuel source, installation, and labor costs also need to be considered.
  • Home size and climate impact heating needs.

Pro Tip: Invest in a model with a limited warranty. Don’t settle for anything less than a Crown Royal stove! Fit for a king.

Popular outdoor wood furnaces come in various shapes and sizes for your heating needs. Here are the top models from some of the best brands:

Most Popular Brands & Models

Crown Royal Stoves

ModelTypeHeating Capacity (sq ft)Price Range
Crown Royal RS7200EOutdoor Wood1750-2250$6,390 – $7,590
Crown Royal Pristine SeriesGasification BoilerN/A$9,499 – $11,999


Plus, check out these Hyprotherm Pro series outdoor wood boilers:

ModelTypeHeating Capacity (sq ft)
Hyprotherm FLRH-400Outdoor WoodUp to 8,000 sq ft
Hyprotherm COAL Boiler FLRH-265Coal BurnersNot Specified

The outdoor coal boilers from this brand have a lifetime warranty!

Central Boiler

Their most efficient furnace is the Classic Edge Titanium HD series. It has more BTUs but is more expensive. Check out their pricing:

ModelTypemax. Heating Area
Classic Edge 350 Titanium HDOutdoorUp to 10,500 sq ft
Classic Edge 550 Titanium HDOutdoorUp to 18,000 sq ft
Classic Edge Forge stove FurnacestoveUp to 5,000 sq ft


Heatmor offers top-notch furnaces for all kinds of homes. Their 200SS series has a thick firebox and shaker grates that work great with hardwoods of higher moisture content. See their prices:

ModelTypemax. Heating Area
Heatmor 200SSOutdoor Wood1,800 to 3,500 sq ft
Heatmor X-SeriesOutdoor Wood Pellet2,000 to 5,000 sq ft

These outdoor water furnaces have a unique feature – you can use them as a hot tub!

Many outdoor boilers have ratings close to standard boilers. They usually have limited warranties on parts, and extended warranties on parts like the water jacket or heat exchanger for up to 20 years.

Hydronic heating systems are popular for their longevity and energy savings. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor boiler for the entire house or part of it, these popular wood and coal models are great options.

I installed an outdoor wood furnace in my cabin last year. With underground pipes for heat distribution, I saved on installation costs and could regulate temperature zone by zone. Now I spend nights enjoying the comforting glow of my wood furnace instead of oil or propane! Installing an outdoor wood furnace may cost you a lot, but at least you’ll have firewood for warmth.

Installation Costs and Labor of Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Installing an outdoor wood furnace incurs a few costs. Labor charges, materials – all of them contribute. To help you get an idea of the Installation Costs and Labor, I have created a table with average estimates based on factors such as square footage, type of unit, and installation complexity.

The following table shows the average cost (with Installation/labor) of various types of units for outdoor wood furnace:

Type Of UnitAverage Cost (With Installation/labor)
Hyprotherm Pro$7,000 – $12,000
Crown Royal Stoves$5,500 – $10,000
Heatmor$8,000 – $15,000
Central Boiler$7,500 – $13,000
WoodMaster$6,000 – $11,000

These costs may differ depending on square footage or location. It is best to talk to a professional installation team for an exact estimate, as there are many factors that influence the cost.

You can try to cut down on installation costs by opting for gasification models, which are usually cheaper than standard boilers. Underground pipes can also save money, by cutting down on piping costs. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure to read and understand the installation manual.

Maintaining an outdoor wood furnace is like having a high-maintenance girlfriend. But, at least, the furnace comes with a lifetime warranty.

Maintenance and Lifetime Warranty of Outdoor Wood Furnaces

To keep your outdoor wood furnace running smoothly, efficiently & safely, you must maintain it well. Manufacturers provide lifetime warranties if you repair & maintain it. Here are 3 maintenance points:

  1. Clean the water tank.
  2. Inspect & clean the chimney cap.
  3. Check & clean grates or shaker grates.

Also, check the water level & avoid wet/green wood. Check for damages from leaks in pipes/heat exchangers. Poor maintenance can lead to costly repair bills.

Not all manufacturers offer lifetime warranty support. So, choose a reputed one with excellent customer service & after-sales support. Hyprotherm is one of the best suppliers in North America. They offer 20-year lifetime warranties & great customer service. 

Their Pro Series models heat 85,000 to 1 million BTUs/hour. Dual fuel & gasification models give you the best of both worlds in outdoor furnace heating.

Dual Fuel and Gasification Models

Dual Fuel and Gasification models are popular for outdoor wood boilers. They give users the flexibility to use multiple fuel sources like wood and coal, for efficient heat production. To help you find the best model, here is a table of some of the most popular Dual Fuel and Gasification Boilers.

ModelHeat ExchangerWater CapacitySquare FootageDual FuelPrice
Crown Royal Pristine SeriesPlate exchanger/steel grates90 gallons/100 cubic feetUp to 3,500 sq ftYes – wood/coal/oil/propane/natural gas$8,199
Hyprotherm Pro SeriesSteel water jacket/solid steel grates95 gallons/106 cubic feetUp to 5,000 sq ftYes -wood/coal$7,495
Central Boiler Classic Edge100-gallon water storage tankTitanium-enhanced stainless steel heat exchanger/cast iron shaker gratesUp to 10,000 sq ftYes-wood$11,165
Heatmor X SeriesCast Iron shaker grates100 gallon water storage tankUp to large homes or small commercial buildingsYes$8,800

Dual Fuel and Gasification Boilers offer high efficiency and lower heating costs. But, they may need more maintenance and installation costs due to their complexity. WoodMaster also offers indoor boilers that burn cordwood or pellets, with 85% efficiency. 

If someone has specific heating needs and wants an indoor system, WoodMaster may be a better option. So, let’s get you the ideal outdoor wood furnace to heat your home!


If you’re thinking of investing in an outdoor wood furnace, there are many factors to consider before buying one. Here’s an overview of the information and options available. One should assess their heating needs based on the size of their property before deciding on a brand. The heating capacity in square feet will affect your choice of furnace. It’s important to do research on brands and models to make sure your investment is worth it. Otherwise, you may have to spend more on repairs or replacements later. Don’t skimp on taking the time to consider all the options and pick the best furnace that fits your budget and needs for efficient indoor heating.