How to Get Fault Code on Daikin Remote: A Comprehensive Guide

Retrieving the malfunction code on a Daikin air conditioner using the original Daikin remote controller is a straightforward process that can provide valuable insights into the health of your HVAC system. By following a few simple steps, you can diagnose the issue and relay the error code to a professional technician for efficient troubleshooting and repair.

Locating the Cancel Button

The first step in retrieving the fault code on your Daikin remote is to locate the Cancel button. This button is typically hidden behind a small cover that slides down, so you may need to carefully inspect the remote to find it.

Entering the Fault Code Retrieval Mode

how to get fault code on daikin remoteImage source: Daikin Air Conditioner Outdoor by Dinkun Chen

Once you’ve identified the Cancel button, press and hold it down for approximately five seconds. This will cause the temperature display on the remote to disappear and be replaced by two flashing digits, indicating that the fault code retrieval mode has been activated.

Deciphering the Fault Code

With the fault code retrieval mode active, you’ll need to push the Cancel button each time the two-digit code changes. The air conditioner will respond with one of three audible signals:

  1. Single Beep: Indicates that the current digits are not the correct fault code.
  2. Double Beep: Signifies that one of the digits in the code is correct.
  3. Long Continuous Beep: Means that you have found the correct fault code.

Continue pressing the Cancel button until you hear the long continuous beep, as this indicates that you have successfully identified the malfunction code.

Interpreting the Fault Code

Once you have the fault code, you can refer to the Daikin malfunction code list to determine the specific issue with your air conditioning system. For example, if the code is E7, you can look across the E column and down to the seventh row to find the description “overload of fan motor or over current.”

Understanding Daikin Mini Split Error Codes

If you have a Daikin mini split system, the top light on the indoor unit may be flashing, indicating a problem with the unit. The meaning of the error code depends on the first letter or number:

  • Codes starting with A or C indicate an issue with the indoor unit.
  • Codes starting with E, F, J, K, L, P, or X signify an error with the outdoor unit.
  • Codes starting with U or M indicate a system-level problem.
  • Codes starting with a number are uncategorized or miscellaneous errors.

For example, the F0 error code suggests that there is insufficient refrigerant in your system. Refrigerant is a crucial component that absorbs heat and transfers cool air to your indoor units. If you encounter this code, it’s essential to contact an air conditioning expert to schedule a Daikin service and address the refrigerant issue.

Caution and Recommendations

While you can diagnose the problem yourself by retrieving the fault code, it’s important to note that attempting to fix the issue on your own can be dangerous. Instead, use the fault code retrieval process to provide the error code to a qualified HVAC technician, who can then properly diagnose and repair the problem.


Mastering the art of retrieving fault codes on your Daikin remote can be a valuable skill in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your air conditioning system. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this comprehensive manual, you can quickly identify the root cause of any issues and relay the necessary information to a professional technician for prompt and effective resolution.


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