How to Reset Trane AC Remote Settings: A Comprehensive Guide

Resetting your Trane AC remote settings can be a straightforward process, but it’s essential to follow the right steps to ensure the proper functioning of your HVAC system. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of resetting your Trane AC remote settings, providing you with the necessary technical details and expert insights to ensure a successful reset.

Preparing for the Reset

  1. Ensure the HVAC System is Idle: Before starting the reset process, make sure that your HVAC system is not running. This is crucial to prevent any potential damage or accidents during the reset.

  2. Identify the Thermostat Model: Determine the specific model of your Trane thermostat, as the reset process may vary slightly depending on the model. The most common models include the XL824, XL850, and XL1050 smart thermostats.

Rebooting a Trane Thermostat (All Models)

how to reset Trane ac remote settingsImage source: Flickr by Jackie Bese

  1. Locate the Circuit Breaker: Identify the circuit breaker that controls your Trane thermostat. This is typically located near the HVAC unit or in the electrical panel.

  2. Turn Off the Circuit Breaker: Turn off the circuit breaker for your thermostat and wait for approximately 30 seconds.

  3. Turn the Circuit Breaker Back On: After 30 seconds, turn the circuit breaker back on. This will reboot the thermostat and reset its settings.

Rebooting a Trane Wireless Thermostat (XL824, XL850, and XL1050 Smart Models)

  1. Ensure the HVAC System is Idle: Confirm that your HVAC system is not running before proceeding with the reset.

  2. Access the Menu: On the thermostat screen, locate and select the Menu button.

  3. Navigate to Settings: From the menu, find and select the Settings option.

  4. Select Reboot: Within the Settings menu, locate and select the Reboot option.

  5. Confirm the Reboot: When prompted, confirm the reboot process to reset the thermostat’s settings.

Resetting the Timer Operation

  1. Access the Timer Operation: Locate the Timer Operation function on your Trane AC remote.

  2. Select the Timer Operation: Choose the desired timer operation, such as the OFF timer or the ON timer.

  3. Save the Settings: Once you have selected the timer operation, the settings will be automatically saved in the remote control.

Resetting the Clock

  1. Press the Clock Button: On your Trane AC remote, locate and press the Clock button.

  2. Set the Hour and Minute: Use the up and down buttons to set the correct hour and minute.

  3. Confirm the Clock Setting: Press the Clock button again to confirm and save the new clock setting.

Cancelling the OFF Timer

  1. Power Failure Scenario: In the event of a power failure, the OFF timer will be automatically cancelled.

  2. Reactivating the OFF Timer: To reactivate the OFF timer, the user must cancel and set the OFF timer again. Alternatively, you can press and hold the SEND button for 5 seconds to reactivate the OFF timer when the electricity is back to normal conditions.

Expert Insights and Quantifiable Details

When resetting your Trane AC remote, it’s crucial to ensure that the HVAC system is idle to prevent any damage or accidents. Additionally, using identical type batteries and avoiding manganese dry batteries or rechargeable (Ni-Cd) batteries is recommended for optimal performance.

Quantifiable details:
– The transmission indicator lights when the remote control transmits a signal to the indoor unit.
– The LCD display will automatically turn off from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM under normal conditions.
– Batteries can be used approximately for one year under normal conditions.


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