What is Fujitsu AUTO Mode?

Fujitsu’s AUTO mode for DIY users is designed to allow the air conditioner to operate under the same mode as the one selected on the remote control. When the air conditioner is operated with the controls on the main unit, it will operate under the AUTO mode selected on the remote control. During AUTO mode operation, the fan will operate at very low speed for about one minute to detect the room conditions and select the proper operating mode.

Understanding Fujitsu’s AUTO Mode

Automatic Temperature and Mode Selection

The AUTO mode in Fujitsu air conditioners is designed to operate between cold or warm room temperatures, making it suitable for use in almost every possible weather and climate. During the warm and dry summer season, for example, running the air conditioning unit on AUTO mode will automatically make the machine switch to cooling to maintain a cool and comfortable room temperature. Conversely, in the colder winter months, the AUTO mode will automatically switch to heating mode to keep the room warm and cozy.

Energy-Efficient Operation

One of the key benefits of using the AUTO mode is its energy-efficiency. Compared to other standard air conditioner modes and settings, the AUTO mode can cause the fan to run up to 200 hours longer per month. This is achieved through the unit’s ability to precisely adjust the fan speed and operating mode to match the current room conditions, minimizing energy consumption while maintaining the desired temperature.

Improved Humidity Control

In addition to energy savings, the AUTO mode also offers better humidity control. The moisture droplets produced by the air conditioning system are directly channeled into the drain pan, allowing the unit to effectively remove excess humidity from the room. This helps prevent the room from becoming overly damp, which can lead to issues such as mold growth or a clammy, uncomfortable environment.

Adaptive Fan Speed

When using the AUTO mode, the fan will automatically adjust its speed to provide the optimal cooling or heating effect. The fan will start running when it needs to either cool or heat the room to the desired temperature, and it will use varying speeds to maintain that temperature. This adaptive fan speed ensures that the room is kept at the perfect comfort level without wasting energy on unnecessary high-speed operation.

Ease of Use

To use the AUTO mode, simply press the mode button on the remote control or the unit’s panel display. The air conditioner will then automatically detect the current room conditions and select the appropriate operating mode (cooling, heating, or fan-only) to reach and maintain the desired temperature. This hands-off approach makes the AUTO mode a convenient and user-friendly option for DIY users who want to optimize their air conditioning experience without the need for constant manual adjustments.

Technical Specifications and Functionality

What is fujitsu  AUTO ModeImage source: Fujitsu AC by Raysonho

Sensor-Driven Operation

At the heart of the AUTO mode is a sophisticated sensor system that continuously monitors the room temperature and humidity. When the AUTO mode is activated, the air conditioner will run the fan at a very low speed (approximately 1 minute) to gather initial data on the current room conditions. Based on this information, the unit will then automatically select the most suitable operating mode and fan speed to achieve the desired comfort level.

Adaptive Cooling and Heating

The AUTO mode is designed to seamlessly transition between cooling and heating modes as needed. If the room temperature rises above the set point, the air conditioner will automatically switch to cooling mode to lower the temperature. Conversely, if the room temperature drops below the set point, the unit will switch to heating mode to raise the temperature. This adaptive functionality ensures that the room is always maintained at the user’s preferred comfort level.

Precise Temperature Control

Fujitsu’s AUTO mode utilizes advanced algorithms to precisely control the room temperature. The air conditioner will continuously monitor the temperature and make minor adjustments to the fan speed and operating mode to keep the room within a tight temperature range, typically within 1-2°C of the set point. This level of precision helps to avoid large temperature fluctuations and ensures a consistent, comfortable environment.

Airflow Optimization

In addition to temperature control, the AUTO mode also optimizes the airflow distribution within the room. The unit’s sensors analyze the room’s layout and occupancy patterns to determine the most effective airflow patterns. This may involve adjusting the louver angles, fan speed, and air volume to ensure even cooling or heating throughout the space, preventing hot or cold spots.

Noise Reduction

One of the unique features of the AUTO mode is its ability to operate the air conditioner at lower noise levels. By carefully managing the fan speed and compressor operation, the unit can maintain the desired temperature while generating less noise, creating a more peaceful and comfortable living environment.


Fujitsu’s AUTO mode is a powerful and versatile feature that simplifies the air conditioning experience for DIY users. By automatically adjusting the operating mode, fan speed, and airflow patterns based on real-time room conditions, the AUTO mode ensures optimal comfort and energy efficiency. With its advanced sensor-driven technology, precise temperature control, and noise-reduction capabilities, the AUTO mode is a must-have feature for anyone looking to maximize the performance and convenience of their Fujitsu air conditioning system.