Why Winnebago RVs Heat Water Tanks with Propane Only

Winnebago RVs are designed to heat water using propane-powered water heaters, providing a reliable and efficient heating solution for RV owners. This approach offers several advantages, including improved energy efficiency, reduced reliance on electrical systems, and enhanced boondocking capabilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the technical details, explore the benefits, and provide insights into the Truma Combi and Truma AquaGo systems that Winnebago has incorporated into their RV lineup.

Propane-Powered Water Heaters in Winnebago RVs

Winnebago RVs, such as the 2014 Itasca Spirit 22R, are often equipped with a 6-gallon LP (liquid propane) water heater with electronic ignition. This water heater operates solely on propane, without the need for an electric heating element. The use of propane-powered water heaters in Winnebago RVs offers several key advantages:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Propane is a highly efficient fuel source, providing more energy per gallon compared to electricity. This translates to faster water heating and reduced energy consumption, which is particularly beneficial for boondocking or dry camping scenarios where access to shore power may be limited.

  2. Reduced Electrical Demand: By relying on propane for water heating, Winnebago RVs can conserve their electrical systems for other essential functions, such as lighting, appliances, and entertainment systems. This helps to extend the battery life and reduces the need for frequent recharging or generator use.

  3. Improved Boondocking Capabilities: The propane-powered water heater allows Winnebago RV owners to enjoy the benefits of hot water without being tethered to electrical hookups. This enhances the overall boondocking experience, enabling longer stays in remote locations without the need for constant access to shore power.

Truma Combi and Truma AquaGo Systems

why winnebage rv heat water tank with propane only

In addition to the traditional propane-only water heaters, Winnebago has started incorporating the Truma Combi and Truma AquaGo systems into their RV lineup. These advanced water heating solutions offer increased flexibility and improved performance:

Truma Combi

The Truma Combi is a versatile system that can operate on propane, electricity, or a combination of both. This flexibility allows Winnebago RV owners to choose the most appropriate heating source based on their specific needs and available resources. The Truma Combi can provide both space heating and water heating, making it a highly efficient and convenient option.

Truma AquaGo

The Truma AquaGo is a hybrid tankless water heater that combines the benefits of a tankless system with a small internal tank. This design helps to ensure consistent water temperature, addressing the common issue of uneven water temperature experienced with traditional tankless water heaters. The Truma AquaGo can be powered by propane, providing a reliable and efficient water heating solution for Winnebago RVs.

Retrofitting Truma AquaGo in Existing RVs

For Winnebago RV owners who are interested in upgrading their water heating system, it is possible to retrofit a Truma AquaGo into the opening left by a standard 6 or 10-gallon water heater. However, this process requires careful planning and consultation with a dealer or qualified RV technician to ensure proper installation and integration with the RV’s existing systems.

Technical Specifications

To provide a more comprehensive understanding of the water heating systems in Winnebago RVs, here are some key technical specifications:

Component Specification
Propane-Powered Water Heater 6-gallon LP (liquid propane) water heater with electronic ignition
Truma Combi Dual-mode (propane and electric) space and water heating system
Truma AquaGo Hybrid tankless water heater with a small internal tank for consistent water temperature


Winnebago RVs are designed to heat water using propane-powered water heaters, offering a reliable and efficient solution for RV owners. The use of propane-only water heaters, as well as the incorporation of the Truma Combi and Truma AquaGo systems, provide Winnebago RV owners with increased flexibility, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced boondocking capabilities. By understanding the technical details and benefits of these water heating systems, Winnebago RV owners can make informed decisions about their RV’s water heating needs and optimize their camping experiences.


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