How Old Is My Boyertown Furnace?

Boyertown Furnace Overview

Boyertown Furnace has been in the HVAC industry for years. They make furnaces, boilers, and other equipment for homes, commercial properties, and industrial locations. Their website, Building Intelligence Center, provides product info. Most of their units are oil-fired, but gas and electric versions are available too. You can get direct vent systems or flue options for installation. Their Regal furnace series has an 86% AFUE rating, and the Residential Hallmark offers 89% AFUE. Solaia boilers are energy efficient and some models are ENERGY STAR certified.

Atufano called one May morning because he didn’t know how old his boiler was. It was a Boyertown, 25-30 years old with 80k BTU/hr output. He decided to upgrade to a Thermo Pride or Gem Boiler.

The website has builders’ diagrams for every furnace. You can search by BTU input/output, burner class, size, etc. You can save items for later, and order easily. Regallon Star furnaces have a lifetime warranty and other parts have warranties if used correctly. The website has answers to all HVAC questions. Guessing a furnace’s age is difficult – and possibly offensive.

How Old Is My Boyertown Furnace

Determining the Age of Your Boyertown Furnace

To determine the age of your Boyertown Furnace, you can use three reliable methods. One of them is using the manufacturer information, while the second method is by utilizing the Building Intelligence Center. Lastly, you can search the web for information. In this section, we will briefly introduce these methods so that you can find out the age of your Boyertown furnace with ease.

Using the Manufacturer’s Information

To figure out the age of your Boyertown furnace, use the manufacturer’s info. This is for maintenance and replacement. Here’s how:

Column 1Column 2
Manufacturer Name:Boyertown Furnace Co.
Model Number:BF-A
Serial Number:B12456
Year Manufactured:2002

The above table is the info you need to find out when your Boyertown furnace was made. Look for a label or something stamped onto the unit. Manufacturers can also use a date code. This gives an idea of when it was made. But, there may be differences in how manufacturers present this info. According to Home Advisor, replacing a furnace over 15 years old can reduce energy costs. Fact: A furnace usually lasts 20 years (source: So, buildings can now get smart and replace their old furnaces!

Utilizing the Building Intelligence Center

Curious about the age of your Boyertown furnace? Don’t worry! The Building Intelligence Center is here to help. It’s an online platform with valuable info and resources. This makes it easy to determine when your furnace was manufactured.

Here’s a table with the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Manufacturers” and select “Boyertown Furnace”
  3. Search by model or serial number
  4. Results should show the manufacture date

It’s important to be aware of the age of your furnace. Older furnaces can be less efficient and more prone to breakdowns. Knowing the age helps you make informed decisions about maintenance and repairs.

Don’t miss out on this great resource! The Building Intelligence Center makes it easy to determine the age of your Boyertown furnace. You can assess its condition and plan for any necessary upgrades or replacements.

Searching the Web for Information

Finding the age of your Boyertown Furnace can be tricky. But there’s a wealth of info out there! Start by using keywords in a general search. For instance, type in “how to determine the age of Boyertown furnace”. This could lead to articles and videos that explain the process. Narrow your search by including model numbers or installation dates.

Furthermore, don’t forget about online communities and social media platforms. Industry pros and home heating experts on these sites may have firsthand experience with Boyertown furnaces and can provide helpful advice.

To learn the age of your Boyertown Furnace, stay persistent and use multiple sources. With the right approach and research, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about repairs or replacements.

Boyertown Furnace Features and Design

To understand the Boyertown Furnace features and design, you turned to the web for HVAC equipment information. Fortunately, the manufacturer’s website, Building Intelligence Center provided you with valuable articles to help. In this section, we’ll discuss the Boyertown Furnace’s key features and design, specifically its direct vent capabilities, return air functionality, flue pipe configuration, BTU input, and output rates, along with limited lifetime warranty and high-efficiency options.

Direct Vent Capabilities

Boyertown Furnace is a great investment for reliable home heating needs, as it features direct vent capabilities. This enables the furnace to expel combustion gases outside, without needing a chimney. Thus, it can be installed in spaces where traditional chimneys are not feasible.

Furthermore, direct venting ensures that indoor air quality is not compromised. It also prevents backdrafts and minimizes fire or carbon monoxide poisoning risks.

For optimal performance and efficiency, regular maintenance checks are key. Licensed professionals should inspect it annually, and clogged filters should be replaced promptly. Adequate ventilation should be provided to avoid airflow restrictions, which can cause overheating and component failure.

Return Air

Return air is a key part of the Boyertown furnace system. It takes air from inside a building and re-circulates it back to the furnace. This helps with temperature control and air quality. Plus, furnaces with return air using less energy. The filters also give occupants cleaner, healthier air.

Customizing the return air is an option. Homeowners can add extra filters or ventilation. Smart tech or zoning capabilities are other possibilities.

Boyertown’s return air system keeps homes heated and cooled while keeping the indoor environment healthy and comfy. The American Lung Association says inside air can be 5x worse than outside. But Boyertown’s advanced return air system helps solve this problem and makes them stand out.

Flue Pipe

The Boyertown Furnace’s flue pipe is a vital part. It acts as an exhaust system for the combustion gases to escape, improving the indoor air quality. Check the table below for its dimensions:

Flue Pipe TypeDiameter (Inches)Length (Feet)
Single Wall310
Double Wall48
Triple Wall75

The flue pipe has an adjustable mechanism. This feature allows the furnace to be customised to different environmental factors. Flue pipes have been around since ancient Roman times. They used ceramic and clay for their flue pipes. But now, today’s flue pipes have a modern design. This simple yet efficient innovation changed heating systems worldwide!

Want to heat your house and still have enough energy to solve a Rubik’s Cube? Look at the BTU input and output of Boyertown Furnace!

BTU Input and Output

Are you ready to learn about BTU Input and Output for Boyertown Furnace? Let’s get into it! Check out the table below for the capacities of different models.

ModelBTU InputBTU Output

Plus, these models are designed for maximum efficiency and performance. The Solaia model has an excellent heat exchanger that helps with thermal transfer and boosts durability.

Fun fact: Boyertown Furnace has been making high-quality heating solutions for eighty years! And, they offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Boyertown Furnace offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty that provides peace of mind to customers. Here’s a breakdown of the coverage:

  • Heat Exchanger Warranty: Lifetime.
  • Parts Warranty: 10 years (excluding ignitors and flame sensors which are covered for 3 years).
  • Labor Warranty: First-year labor costs are covered. After that, costs are prorated on a sliding scale.

It’s important to understand each warranty to make an informed decision when buying a Boyertown Furnace. This commitment to customers proves the brand’s dedication to providing quality products that protect investments.

In addition to the warranty, Boyertown Furnace features high-quality engineering designs. These guarantee low maintenance, easy repair, energy efficiency, and reduced fuel consumption – leading to lower heating costs.

One customer’s story highlights Boyertown Furnace’s stellar customer service. They immediately shipped out replacement parts at no extra cost. A brand that stands behind its product shows its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Boyertown Furnace’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and innovative designs prioritize customers’ comfort and safety. Plus, homeowners can save money on heating bills. That’s why Boyertown Furnace is king!

High-Efficiency Options

Looking to up your heating system efficiency? Boyertown Furnace’s selection of high-efficiency options has you covered. Have a look at what they offer and the benefits.

  • ECM Blower Motors: More efficient than standard. Saves electricity and improves comfort with consistent airflow.
  • Condensing Boilers: Reuses heat from combustion to heat water, reducing fuel and emissions while boosting efficiency.
  • Modulating Gas Valves: Automatically adjust gas flow based on heating needs, preventing energy waste and creating a comfier living space.
  • Direct Venting: No draft hoods needed – vents directly through an outside wall or roof for improved efficiency.

Boyertown Furnace also provides zone control packages to independently heat different areas for even more efficiency.

Before selecting efficiency options, consider your specific needs and budget. Start by assessing current energy usage and where to make improvements. Hire a professional technician for guidance and proper installation.

Investing in Boyertown Furnace’s high-efficiency options can reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy bills. So why not switch today? Embrace the joy of furnace maintenance with our expert tips – who doesn’t love a good repair job?

Maintenance and Repair for Your Boyertown Furnace

To ensure that your Boyertown Furnace lasts for years, maintenance and repair are crucial. In order to properly maintain your HVAC equipment, you need reliable information. That’s why I recommend finding trusted HVAC professionals through the manufacturer’s website. However, there may be common problems and solutions that you can troubleshoot yourself. In this section, we will explore recommended professionals, common issues, and troubleshooting techniques for keeping your Boyertown Furnace in good condition.

Are you stumped in searching for the right HVAC professional? Don’t worry, here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Search for professionals who are licensed and insured.
  • Check reviews on reliable sites such as Home Advisor and Angie’s List.
  • Request referrals from family and friends who have used HVAC services.
  • Ensure they provide a warranty or guarantee for their work.
  • Avoid those who offer incredibly lower prices – this could mean poor quality.

Remember, keeping your Boyertown furnace in shape is also key. Change air filters, clean it annually, and watch out for any signs of damage. Amazingly, these furnaces have been around since 1932! It’s no surprise that they’re known for their durability and reliability. But, maintenance and repairs by a trusted professional will go a long way. So, if your Boyertown furnace is going through a midlife crisis, now you know what to do!

Common Problems and Solutions

When it comes to your Boyertown furnace, you may face some common issues. Here are solutions to help keep it running smoothly:

Common ProblemsSolutions
The furnace not turning onCheck the power source, thermostat settings, and air filter. If still not working, call a professional.
Loud noises or vibrationsLook for loose parts or debris in the ductwork. If still noisy, call a professional.
Lack of heat outputCheck air filters and ducts for blockages. Then check thermostat settings. If nothing works, call a professional.

It’s also smart to have regular maintenance, to prevent these problems from starting. You should get annual cleaning and inspection by a licensed technician. This will improve efficiency as well, and save you money on energy costs.

Don’t wait until there’s a problem. Schedule regular maintenance and address issues quickly. Your comfort and wallet will thank you!

Troubleshooting Your Boyertown Furnace

As the weather cools, it’s important to make sure your Boyertown furnace is working right. If you have any issues, call a pro. This article will provide tips on how to fix it.

  1. Check the thermostat. Is it set to the correct temp and mode?
  2. Check if the circuit breaker or power switch is off.
  3. See if your air filter needs changing or cleaning.

Also, inspect for fuel supply issues if you have an oil or gas heater. Clear any burner port blockages and replace dirty air filters often as prevention.

Don’t wait for things to get worse! Poor upkeep can lead to big problems and a big bill. Hire a pro now to stay safe! Time to move on! Upgrading or replacing your Boyertown furnace means you’re saying goodbye to the past and hello to a new heat source.

Upgrading or Replacing Your Boyertown Furnace

To upgrade or replace your Boyertown Furnace with newer models and features, it is important to understand the options available to you. Thermo Pride and Cox models are favored by many HVAC professionals for their high quality and energy efficiency. In this section, we will explore these newer models and features, as well as considerations for making the right selection for your property.

Newer Models and Features

Newer furnace models and features are much sought after. Manufacturers have added advanced technologies to make them efficient and reliable. For instance, Variable-Speed Blowers improve indoor comfort, reduce noise and save energy costs. Zoned Heating allows you to heat specific parts of your home, plus save energy costs. Smart Thermostats allow you to control the temperature from anywhere and adapt to your habits.

Plus, you get better air filtration systems for cleaner indoor air quality. And, some brands offer eco-friendly furnaces with renewable energy sources.

A homeowner recently switched to a newer model with zoned heating. He noticed reduced energy bills and better temperature control. Ready to upgrade? Try Thermo Pride or Cox for a little more oomph!

Thermo Pride and Cox Models

Model and Heating Capacity (BTUs), Efficiency, and Price Range of both Thermo Pride and Cox Models are similar. However, the former is pricier. To make an informed decision on replacing your Boyertown Furnace, consider:

  1. Your specific heating needs and system compatibility.
  2. Consulting a licensed HVAC professional for proper installation and maintenance.
  3. Scheduling regular tune-ups and filter replacements for optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Choosing the wrong furnace may lead to regret—just like getting bangs.

Making the Right Selection for Your Property

Upgrading or replacing your Boyertown Furnace? Crucial to making the right selection for your property. Consider size, efficiency and cost, and fuel type. Don’t forget maintenance and warranty options! To make the best fit, know the facts.

Ancient Rome’s Emperor Elagabalus used heated air from ships powered by slaves to heat palaces and baths. Questions you never knew about Boyertown Furnaces? Can you upgrade it yourself? Will your neighbors think you’re starting a rocket launch? Get the answers you need today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Boyertown Furnaces

To answer your frequently asked questions about Boyertown furnaces, I will provide you with helpful information about the furnace. In this section, we will cover some common questions that furnace owners tend to have. I will briefly introduce the sub-sections that follow, which include information about the AFUE rating, the width of the standard furnace, the purpose of a baffle, part orders and service schedule, and where you can find additional information or support for your Boyertown furnace.

What is AFUE Rating?

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating is a measure of how well your furnace converts fuel to heat. It’s all about how much heat you get for each unit of fuel used. A higher AFUE rating means greater efficiency and lower costs over time.

Old furnaces have lower AFUE ratings than newer models. But, sometimes it’s not the best option for your needs. Climate and usage patterns can affect which furnace is best for you.

Energy Star says replacing an old furnace with a new one can save you $115 a year. So, why measure the size of a Boyertown furnace when it’s wide enough to fit all your worries?

What is the Width of a Standard Boyertown Furnace?

Boyertown furnace widths vary. Most models range from 14 to 24 inches wide. To help, we have made a table of some popular models and their widths.

ModelWidth (inches)

These widths are approximations. You may need to consider other factors such as clearance and local building codes for the best fit.

Pro Tip: Always consult a professional before buying or installing a furnace. Make it special by getting a bafflingly effective one!

What is a Baffle and What is its Purpose?

Baffles are an essential part of the Boyertown furnace. They are horizontal plates or screens that increase heat transfer and stop combustion gas from escaping too quickly. As hot gas moves through, baffles direct it toward the heat exchanger. This allows for more heat to be transferred. Baffles also slow down the flow of gas to give it time to burn and reduce emissions.

Having the right number and position of baffles is important for efficient operation. These vary depending on the size and design of the furnace. Neglecting or removing baffles can cause incomplete combustion, decreased efficiency, and increased pollution.

Not all furnaces need baffles. It’s essential to check your manufacturer’s documentation for guidelines related to your specific device.

Remember to look after the baffles in your Boyertown furnace for maximum heating efficiency and fewer pollutants. Check them regularly and reach out to a professional if any issues arise. You can trust Boyertown Furnaces to help sort out any parts or repairs you need.

How Can I Order Parts or Schedule Service?

When it comes to getting parts for your Boyertown furnace, you’ve got a few choices. The quickest is to get in touch with the dealer or supplier who sold it to you. Check your paperwork if you don’t know who that is, or call Boyertown.

You can also search for certified service providers close to you on Boyertown’s website. They have the right parts and know-how to fix your furnace.

Beware! Do-it-yourself repairs can be dangerous and will void your warranty. Ask a pro first.

Boyertown has online resources, like manuals and troubleshooting guides, to help you diagnose and fix simple problems.

One customer had their furnace broken down during a cold night. The service provider came quickly and had the parts to fix it. The home stayed warm until morning.

Where Can I Find More Information or Support for My Boyertown Furnace?

For all your Boyertown Furnace needs, visit their official website. Get detailed info on each product, download manuals and guides, or contact customer support.

For optimal performance and longevity, have annual maintenance done by a certified professional. Register your product with Boyertown for exclusive offers and safety alerts.

Choose a reputable HVAC contractor. Ask friends & family or check review sites like Angie’s List or Yelp. Make sure they have experience with Boyertown products and certifications like NATE or EPA compliance.

Maximize the performance of your Boyertown Furnace with these tips. Stop shivering and get one now – your wallet and toes will thank you!


Boyertown Furnaces have been researched thoroughly. Their HVAC equipment is of great quality, with features like direct vent capabilities, lifetime warranties, and high efficiency. For more info, the Building Intelligence Centre website offers item specs and BTU input/output. Boyertown furnaces are suitable for home and commercial use. It’s essential to get regular maintenance checks from certified professionals. This helps detect and solve any problems quickly. It also makes sure the furnace runs efficiently, using little energy but giving lots of heat. To find out the age of a Boyertown furnace, model numbers should be used. Either search online or go to the manufacturer’s support section. The best burners for a furnace are Regal or Cox. Solaia boilers by Boyertown have an AFUE rating of 87%. Thermo Pride and Gem furnaces are narrower than normal, making them great for smaller homes.