How to Remove the Blower Wheel from a Lennox Mini Split

Removing the blower wheel from a Lennox mini split can be a delicate process, but with the right tools and a step-by-step approach, you can successfully complete this task. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire procedure, providing detailed instructions and technical insights to ensure a smooth and efficient blower wheel removal.

Preparing for the Blower Wheel Removal

Before you begin, it’s crucial to ensure that the power to the mini split unit is turned off. This will prevent any accidental electrical shocks or damage to the components during the removal process. Once the power is off, you can proceed to the next step.

Accessing the Blower Wheel

how to remove blower wheel from Lennox  mini splitImage source: Lennox Ac by Raysonho

  1. Remove the Front Cover: The first step is to remove the front cover of the mini split unit. This is typically done by lifting the cover up from the tabs that hold it in place. You may need to use a screwdriver to gently pry the tabs out of the way.

  2. Locate the Blower Wheel: Once the front cover is removed, you should be able to see the blower wheel and the motor assembly. Familiarize yourself with the layout and the components to understand the overall structure of the unit.

Disconnecting the Electrical Connections

  1. Identify the Connectors: Locate the blue connector for the inducer motor and the white connector for the blower motor. These connectors will need to be disconnected to allow for the removal of the blower wheel.

  2. Disconnect the Connectors: Carefully unplug the blue and white connectors, taking note of their positions to ensure proper reconnection during the reassembly process.

Unclipping the Blower Wheel and Motor

  1. Lift the Top Part: Gently lift the top part of the mini split unit to gain access to the blower wheel and motor assembly.

  2. Disconnect the Clip: You will find a clip that is holding the blower wheel and motor together. Carefully disconnect this clip to separate the components.

Removing the Set Screw

  1. Locate the Set Screw: Identify the set screw that is securing the blower wheel in place. This set screw will need to be removed to allow the blower wheel to be taken out.

  2. Disconnect the Set Screw: Using the appropriate tool, such as a hex wrench or a screwdriver, carefully loosen and remove the set screw.

Extracting the Blower Wheel

  1. Lift the Blower Wheel: With the set screw removed, you should now be able to gently lift the blower wheel out of the unit.

  2. Inspect the Blower Wheel: Examine the blower wheel for any signs of wear, damage, or debris buildup. This information can be useful for determining the need for replacement or cleaning.

Handling Difficult Blower Wheel Removal

In some cases, you may encounter a blower wheel that is particularly challenging to remove. If you cannot access the set screw, you may need to lift the coil enough to get a screwdriver in through a small opening to remove the set screw. This process is covered in more detail in the [Ductless Mini Split Cleaning Video].

Reassembling the Unit

When reassembling the mini split unit, be sure to follow the same steps in reverse order. It’s a good idea to take pictures during the disassembly process to help you remember the correct order and placement of the components.

Remember to reconnect the electrical connectors, secure the blower wheel with the set screw, and reattach the clip holding the blower wheel and motor assembly. Finally, replace the front cover and ensure that it is properly secured.


Removing the blower wheel from a Lennox mini split requires attention to detail and a methodical approach. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can successfully complete this task and maintain the efficiency and performance of your mini split unit. Remember to always prioritize safety and consult professional assistance if you encounter any difficulties or concerns during the process.


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