How to Set Auto Mode in YORK AC: A Comprehensive Guide

Setting the auto mode on your YORK air conditioner can help you achieve optimal comfort and energy efficiency. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of configuring your YORK AC unit to operate in the auto mode, providing you with expert-level technical details and insights to ensure a seamless and successful setup.

Locating the MODE Button

The first step in setting the auto mode on your YORK air conditioner is to locate the MODE button on your remote control or the control panel of the unit. This button is typically labeled with the “MODE” or “M” symbol and is used to cycle through the various operating modes, including auto, cool, heat, and fan.

Selecting the Auto Mode

how to set auto mode in YORK ac

Once you have identified the MODE button, press it repeatedly until the “AUTO” mode is displayed on the LCD screen of your YORK air conditioner. This will indicate that the unit is now in the auto mode, ready to automatically adjust its operation based on the preset temperature and environmental conditions.

Setting the Desired Temperature

With the auto mode selected, the next step is to set the desired temperature. YORK air conditioners typically have a temperature range of 60.8°F to 86°F (16°C to 30°C), allowing you to customize the comfort level to your preference. To adjust the temperature, use the temperature adjustment buttons, which are often labeled with up and down arrows or “+” and “-” symbols.

Initiating the Air Conditioner

After setting the desired temperature, press the ON/OFF button to start the YORK air conditioner. In the auto mode, the indoor fan will operate automatically, and you will not be able to manually adjust its speed.

Adjusting the Fan Speed (Optional)

If you wish to adjust the fan speed, you can do so by pressing the FAN SPEED button. YORK air conditioners typically offer four fan speed options: auto, low, medium, and high. Selecting the appropriate fan speed can help optimize the air circulation and cooling/heating performance based on your personal preferences and the environmental conditions.

Stopping the Air Conditioner

To turn off the YORK air conditioner, simply press the ON/OFF button again. This will stop the unit’s operation and return it to the standby mode.

Understanding the Auto Mode Operation

The auto mode in YORK air conditioners operates according to the factory-preset settings for standard heating and cooling temperatures. During cooling operation, the protection function is the same as that under the cooling mode. During heating operation, the protection function is the same as that under the heating mode.

This means that the YORK air conditioner will automatically adjust its operation to maintain the desired temperature, switching between cooling and heating modes as needed to achieve the optimal comfort level. The indoor fan will also adjust its speed accordingly to ensure efficient air circulation and distribution.

Technical Specifications and Considerations

YORK air conditioners are designed with advanced features and technologies to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. Some key technical specifications and considerations to keep in mind when operating your YORK AC unit in the auto mode include:

Compressor Operation

The compressor in your YORK air conditioner plays a crucial role in the auto mode operation. It will automatically start and stop as needed to maintain the desired temperature, with the protection function ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Refrigerant Charge

The proper refrigerant charge is essential for the YORK air conditioner to operate effectively in the auto mode. Ensure that the refrigerant level is within the manufacturer’s recommended range to avoid performance issues or potential damage to the unit.

Airflow and Ductwork

The auto mode relies on efficient airflow and proper ductwork installation to distribute the conditioned air throughout the space. Ensure that the air vents and ductwork are unobstructed and that the system is properly balanced for optimal performance.

Sensor Calibration

The temperature and humidity sensors in your YORK air conditioner are critical for the auto mode to function correctly. Periodically check the calibration of these sensors to ensure accurate readings and proper automatic adjustments.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your YORK air conditioner, including the filters, coils, and other components, can help maintain optimal performance and efficiency in the auto mode.

By understanding these technical specifications and considerations, you can ensure that your YORK air conditioner operates at its best in the auto mode, providing you with consistent comfort and energy savings.


Setting the auto mode on your YORK air conditioner is a straightforward process that can help you achieve optimal comfort and energy efficiency. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this comprehensive manual, you can confidently configure your YORK AC unit to operate in the auto mode, leveraging its advanced features and technologies to maintain the desired temperature and environmental conditions.

Remember to refer to the technical specifications and considerations outlined in this guide to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of your YORK air conditioner in the auto mode. With this knowledge, you can enjoy the convenience and benefits of the auto mode and keep your living or working space comfortable year-round.


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