What is Mitsubishi Smart Set Mode: A Comprehensive Guide

Mitsubishi Smart Set Mode is a feature in Mitsubishi air conditioning systems that allows users to assign their favorite temperature set point to the Smart Set button. This feature enables users to quickly recall their preferred temperature setting with just the push of a button, providing convenience and personalized comfort.

Understanding the Temperature Ranges

The Smart Set Mode operates in conjunction with the air conditioner’s various operation modes, such as Cool, Dry, Heat, and Auto, each with its own temperature range. In Cool/Dry mode, the temperature range is 50°F-99°F, while in Heating mode, the temperature range is typically between 61°F-88°F when connected to specific Mitsubishi systems. However, the Mitsubishi “SMART SET” allows dropping the setpoint to +50°F (but not lower), providing greater flexibility in heating settings.

Utilizing the Smart Set Mode

What is mitsubishi Smart Set ModeImage source: Mitsubishi ac By Dinkun Chen

To use the Smart Set Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Assigning the Favorite Temperature Set Point:
  2. Locate the “SMART SET” button on your Mitsubishi air conditioning remote control or wall-mounted unit.
  3. Press the “SMART SET” button to assign your preferred temperature set point.
  4. The air conditioning unit will now store your selected temperature setting.

  5. Recalling the Stored Temperature Setting:

  6. To recall the stored temperature setting, simply press the “SMART SET” button again.
  7. The air conditioning unit will automatically adjust the temperature to your pre-set preference.

  8. Returning to the Previous Set Point:

  9. If you wish to return to the previous temperature set point, press the “SMART SET” button once more.
  10. The air conditioning unit will revert to the previous temperature setting.

Optimizing Energy Efficiency with Smart Set Mode

The Smart Set Mode can be particularly useful in specific scenarios, such as when the house will be empty for an extended period. By setting the air conditioner to a lower temperature, energy consumption can be reduced, contributing to potential cost savings.

To maximize energy efficiency using the Smart Set Mode:

  • Identify Unoccupied Periods: Analyze your daily and weekly routines to determine when the house will be unoccupied for extended periods, such as during work hours or overnight.

  • Set the Optimal Temperature: During these unoccupied periods, use the “SMART SET” button to lower the temperature set point to a comfortable, yet energy-efficient level, typically around 50°F.

  • Recall the Preferred Setting: When you return home, press the “SMART SET” button again to recall your preferred temperature setting, ensuring a comfortable living environment.

Advanced Features and Customization

Mitsubishi’s air conditioning systems with the Smart Set Mode offer additional advanced features and customization options:

  1. Temperature Range Adjustment:
  2. Some Mitsubishi models allow users to adjust the minimum and maximum temperature ranges for the Smart Set Mode.
  3. This feature can be particularly useful for those who prefer a narrower temperature range or have specific comfort requirements.

  4. Scheduling and Automation:

  5. Certain Mitsubishi air conditioning systems integrate with smart home platforms, enabling users to schedule the Smart Set Mode to activate at specific times or based on occupancy detection.
  6. This automation can further enhance energy efficiency and personalized comfort.

  7. Remote Access and Control:

  8. Mitsubishi’s advanced air conditioning systems may offer remote access and control capabilities, allowing users to adjust the Smart Set Mode settings from their smartphones or other connected devices.
  9. This feature can be beneficial for users who need to control their home’s climate while away.

By understanding the technical details and advanced features of the Mitsubishi Smart Set Mode, users can optimize their air conditioning system for maximum comfort, energy efficiency, and personalization.


Mitsubishi Smart Set Mode is a convenient feature that enables users to quickly recall their preferred temperature setting, providing personalized comfort and energy efficiency. By understanding the temperature ranges associated with each operation mode and utilizing the Smart Set Mode effectively, users can optimize their Mitsubishi air conditioning system for their specific needs.

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