Where to Buy Catalytic Propane Heater: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to staying warm during the colder months, a catalytic propane heater can be a game-changer. These efficient and safe heating solutions are becoming increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor use. If you’re in the market for a catalytic propane heater, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several reputable online retailers that offer a wide variety of options to choose from.

Reputable Online Retailers for Catalytic Propane Heaters


Amazon is one of the most popular and trusted online marketplaces for catalytic propane heaters. With a vast selection of products from top brands like Mr. Heater, Flame King, and Camco, you’re sure to find the perfect heater for your needs. One of the standout features of buying from Amazon is the ability to read detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and compare prices across multiple sellers.


Walmart’s online store is another excellent source for catalytic propane heaters. The retail giant offers a diverse range of models, including the popular Mr. Heater Journey 8 Patented Indoor Safe 8000 BTU Propane Catalytic Heater. Walmart’s website provides comprehensive product information, user ratings, and the convenience of fast and reliable shipping.

Specialty Outdoor Retailers

In addition to major online marketplaces, you can also find catalytic propane heaters from specialty outdoor retailers such as Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and REI. These stores cater to the needs of campers, RV enthusiasts, and outdoor enthusiasts, offering a curated selection of high-quality catalytic propane heaters designed for various applications.

Top Recommended Catalytic Propane Heaters

where to buy catalytic propane heater

Mr. Heater Journey 8 Patented Indoor Safe 8000 BTU Propane Catalytic Heater

This versatile catalytic propane heater from Mr. Heater is designed for indoor use and boasts an impressive 8000 BTU heat output, capable of heating up to 290 square feet. Weighing just 9.5 pounds, it’s highly portable and features a noiseless operation, making it an excellent choice for home, cabin, or RV use. The heater’s safety features include an oxygen depletion safety (ODS) shut-off system and a tip-over safety shut-off.

Camco Olympian RV Wave-3 LP Gas Catalytic Safety Heater

The Camco Olympian RV Wave-3 is a 3000 BTU catalytic propane heater specifically designed for RV use. With a heating coverage of up to 130 square feet, this compact and wall-mountable heater is perfect for small spaces. It features a safety shut-off valve and a low-oxygen sensor, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Flame King YSNHT500 Catalytic Heater

The Flame King YSNHT500 is a 5000 BTU catalytic propane heater that can heat up to 150 square feet. Weighing just 6.5 pounds, it’s highly portable and features a built-in safety shut-off valve, making it a great choice for camping, hunting, or other outdoor activities. The heater’s compact size and durable construction make it a popular option among outdoor enthusiasts.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Catalytic Propane Heater

When selecting a catalytic propane heater, there are several key factors to consider:

  1. BTU Output: The BTU (British Thermal Unit) output of the heater determines its heating capacity. Higher BTU ratings generally mean the heater can heat larger spaces.
  2. Heating Coverage: The heating coverage, measured in square feet, indicates the maximum area the heater can effectively warm.
  3. Portability: If you plan to use the heater in multiple locations, consider its weight and size to ensure it’s easy to transport and set up.
  4. Safety Features: Look for heaters with safety features like oxygen depletion sensors, tip-over shut-off, and automatic shut-off to ensure safe operation.
  5. Fuel Efficiency: Some catalytic propane heaters are more fuel-efficient than others, which can impact your long-term operating costs.
  6. Noise Level: If you’ll be using the heater in a quiet environment, consider the noise level to ensure it doesn’t disrupt your activities.

Building a DIY Catalytic Propane Heater

In addition to purchasing a pre-made catalytic propane heater, it’s also possible to build your own DIY version. This can be a cost-effective solution for those with a bit of technical know-how and access to the necessary materials. However, it’s important to note that building a DIY catalytic propane heater requires a thorough understanding of the safety precautions and technical specifications involved.

One popular resource for DIY catalytic propane heater projects is the Heat Authority website, which provides detailed guides and instructions on how to construct your own heater. These guides cover everything from selecting the right components to assembling the heater and ensuring proper safety measures are in place.


When it comes to finding the best place to buy a catalytic propane heater, reputable online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and specialty outdoor stores offer a wide variety of high-quality options. By considering factors such as BTU output, heating coverage, portability, and safety features, you can find the perfect catalytic propane heater to meet your needs. And for those with a DIY inclination, building your own heater can be a rewarding and cost-effective alternative, though it requires a solid understanding of the necessary technical and safety considerations.